MITS Precision Daewoo M-LOK Handguards For South Korea

    The Daewoo K1 is South Korea’s service rifle and they are getting an upgrade from MITS Precision. The Korean Army currently has Picatinny handguards, you can see them in an article I posted two years ago. The future of weapon accessories is M-LOK and they are moving forward with a new M-LOK handguard design.

    Photo by MBC. Here is their current handguard system.

    The handguard goes on a diet by removing Picatinny rails from the sides and bottom. Below you can see they have two versions. One has a continuous top rail while the other style handguard has a stepped down section of rail. The current handguard, seen above, has a section between the front sight and top rail that lacks any rail.

    By having a uniform top rail it is more like a SCAR or HK416 height.

    According to my contact at MITS Precision, they will be making nearly 3,800 handguards for the Korean Army. But they are not stopping just there. They have also made a top rail and mini handguard for attaching accessories to the 9mm K7 PDW. The K7 is somewhat like an HK MP5-SD with an integrated suppressor. And just like the MP5-SD, attaching accessories like lights, lasers, or grips is somewhat difficult.

    From the photo below it appears that the K7 rail system will have modular rail sections that are bolted on if the operator wants them. And just like their K1 rail system, there is plenty of top rail for any optic of choice.

    MITS Precision also made a prototype Daewoo M-LOK handguard for the Daewoo K2. Since they are changing the design and obviously going with the K1 for the South Korean Army my friend at MITS Precision gave me the prototype for my DR200 (semi-auto version of the K2).

    Before MITS Precision.

    After MITS Precision

    I added a Picatinny adapter from Stormwerkz so I could use my MCX collapsing stock.

    I do not know if MITS Precision will consider civilian retail sales of their handguards. I do not know how many semi-auto K1s and K2s were imported into the US but I do not think there are a lot. Maybe they might offer some up in limited numbers? We shall see.