The B.O.S.S. – A New Handheld Centrifugal Gun

    The B.O.S.S. (Trinamic Technologies)

    Centrifugal projectile weapons have a long history dating back to the humble sling. The late 19th and 20th centuries saw a number of attempts to create an automatic weapon capable of projecting a string of projectiles without the need for cartridges containing propellant powder. The most recent, high profile, venture into the realm of centrifugal guns came in the 1990s with the DREAD system. The DREAD claimed to be capable of firing 120,000 rounds a minute with just 150 Watts of power.

    The DREAD project never matured and centrifugal weapons have largely been sidelined since. Until now, that is, as Tennessee-based Trinamic Technologies have introduced the B.O.S.S. a brand new ‘Battery-Operated SlingShot’ system.

    The B.O.S.S. (front)

    According to their website, the B.O.S.S. is a handheld centrifugal weapon system. It uses a “high-RPM electric motor to spin .312-caliber (7.9mm) steel ball bearings at high speed” projecting them at variable speeds of between 5,000 and 10,000 rounds per minute! The system is powered by either 24- or 36-volt DC battery packs.

    We asked Trinamic Technologies about the B.O.S.S.’ status in the eyes of the law and the ATF. They explained that the system is not a firearm and is not classed as either a firearm or destructive device. This means that it is legal in every state that permits the direct sale of BB guns and that it can be shipped directly to you.

    The B.O.S.S. (rear)

    Here’s a Trinamic Technologies’ press release on the new system:

    A revolution in personal home defense.

    Introducing the “BOSS”

    High Speed: Delivers more mass to the target using 5/16 diameter hardened

    steel ball bearings.

    Rate of spin: approximately 6,000 balls per minute with burst control.


    No recoil.

    No explosive propellant.

    No toxic fumes or materials.

    No cleaning required.

    Jam proof.

    Comes in kit form with minor assembly.


    Electric motor 24-36 volts, DC with rechargeable batteries.

    Weight: Empty, approximately 10 LBS,

    Ball container: 300 balls.


    First 50 orders include complimentary 5000 balls.

    INTRODUCTORY PRICE, $3,500 plus shipping and handling.

    No FFL dealer required to purchase.

    All enquiries to: [email protected]

    No video of the system in action is available yet but we’ll be sure to share that with you when it is. Be sure to check out for more details.

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