Underground Arms Watch – August 2020

    Underground Arms Watch returns with August’s look into firearms manufactured for the black market which have appeared in recent weeks.

    Last month, police in the Odessa, Ukraine uncovered a workshop reportedly being used to manufacture firearms in the Novotroitsk district of the Kherson region. The 61 year old suspect, a professional machinist, was charged with offenses related to manufacturing firearms and the conversion of deactivated and traumatic guns to fire live ammunition.

    The workshop raided (Photo: Ukrainian police)

    Nagant M1895 revolvers, typically sold converted to traumatic (rubber bullet) form. (Photo: Ukrainian police)

    A ‘Borz’ type submachine gun likely produced in Chechnya along with a VZ-27 among weapons seized. (Photo: Ukrainian police)


    Israeli Northern District police released photos of a number of weapons seized in the months prior. Along with AR15 parts, a homemade Thompson type submachine gun and interestingly what appears to be a black market Glock copy.


    Last month police in Northern Vietnam uncovered a small factory that was producing black market pistols. Each pistol, likely a copy of the Chinese Type 64 (a PPK copy) was reportedly being sold for the grand equivalent of $260 – $300 (US Dollars) each.

    Police in the northern Vietnamese city of Hai Phong confirmed on Monday they had broken up a large-scale ring illicitly manufacturing various types of military-grade firearms.

    Investigation was first initiated after officers discovered that 40-year-old Tran Quoc Tan had been illegally storing and trading military weapons.

    Tan usually sold such products as K54 and K59 pistols and shotguns to buyers in Hai Phong and the northern province of Quang Ninh.

    Investigators kept track of Tan’s activities and eventually found that the man had also been operating a facility specializing in the production of these weapons.

    Officers raided the facility on Friday last week and found Tan and another suspect packaging two guns and several bullets ready for delivery.

    Machinery and equipment used in gun manufacturing were seized while multiple gun parts and components were also found at the site.

    Police examined an empty land plot near the facility and discovered a sack containing metal rods, springs, and metal pieces of different shapes and sizes.

    At the police station, Tan claimed to have taught himself to make the weapons by watching YouTube videos.

    The man then told Pham Van Huu about his plan and recruited him for the illicit business.

    Their firearms were sold for VND6-7 million (US$258-301) each. VN Explorer


    Hammers and other component parts for manufacture. (Tuoitrenews.vn)


    From the UK:

    Police find “firearms workshop” and 25 guns at Enfield house

    Police uncovered a “firearms workshop” and 25 guns and ammunition from a house in Enfield.

    Officers made the find after executing a warrant at a property on Hadley Road on Thursday.

    A search of the property uncovered 25 firearms, mainly revolvers – some of which were loaded.

    Police also found a bullet moulding press, lathes, bullet cases and bullet heads and other component parts in the kitchen.

    A 25-year-old man and 44-year-old woman were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to supply firearms.

    Detective Superintendent Neil Ballard, from Met Police’s Specialist Crime Command, said :  “London is a safer place after the seizure of these 25 firearms and ammunition, which we suspect were soon to be used in violence and shootings in London.

    “We believe these firearms were obtained from around the UK, the ammunition was manufactured at this address, and the guns with ammunition were then being supplied across London gangs. MyLondon.news

    Antique pinfire revolvers and components. (Met Police)


    Lastly, perhaps something we’ll be seeing more of in the near future – an example of an FGC-9 which was reportedly assembled in Europe from unregulated components as it was designed. (Ivan_Is_back)

    Photo: Ivan_is_back

    The FGC-9 expedient barrel consisting of a steel tube and three shaft collars.

    Barrel rifling produced using ECM (Electrochemical Machining).