Primary Arms Optics Releases New SLx 1-6x SFP LPVO

    Introducing Primary Arms Optics' newest LPVO, the SLx 1-6x SFP with Aurora ACSS reticle.

    Introducing Primary Arms Optics' newest LPVO, the SLx 1-6x SFP with Aurora ACSS reticle.

    As a major supplier of inexpensive optics, Primary Arms Optics is continually seeking to provide shooters with new budget-friendly options. To this end, Primary Arms offers their SLx line of scopes and red dots, which are available with MSRPs of $479.99 or less. Many of these scopes are available with Primary Arms’ proprietary ACSS reticles.

    Some come as first focal plane scopes, but this Texas-based manufacturer well understands that for some shooters or certain applications, second focal plane may be preferred. With this in mind, they’ve released a new SLx 1-6x SFP LPVO option and issued the following press release to announce it:

    The Aurora ACSS reticle explained, and a view of how it looks when you're behind the scope.

    The Aurora ACSS reticle explained, and a view of how it looks when you’re behind the scope.


    New Meter-Based Reticle Configuration for Popular SLx 1-6×24 SFP Rifle Scope

    Utilizes Patented ACSS Aurora 5.56 M Advanced BDC Reticle for 5.56/.308/5.45/6.8SPC

    Priced at $289.99

    HOUSTON, TEXAS – Primary Arms Optics is proud to announce the latest addition to their SLx lineup: the 1-6x24mm SFP Rifle Scope with the patented ACSS AURORA 5.56 M Reticle. Customers who are accustomed to the metric system, your wait is over. This is the first variable optic to feature the new metric-based ACSS reticle, which provides the user with an intuitive holdover system with built-in ranging and wind-holds. Whether you’re engaging from point-blank to 800 meters, this optic will provide you the tools necessary to succeed at a price affordable to most budgets.

    The SLx 1-6×24 SFP Rifle Scope is one of the most popular members of Primary Arms’ SLx line. SLx optics built Primary Arms’ reputation for innovation, reliability and value. All SLx optics undergo rigorous field-testing during development to best serve you in any environment, and this 1-6×24 low-power variable optic is no exception. This scope is renowned for its quality and value, offering high-quality glass with a brightly illuminated reticle for improved precision. This scope is waterproof, fog-proof, and durable enough for duty-use, and Primary Arms backs it with a full lifetime warranty and commitment to customer satisfaction.

    The ACSS AURORA 5.56 M reticle is the perfect match for this optic, bringing ACSS’ innovative technology with meter-oriented measurements. Dimitri Mikroulis, creator of the ACSS reticle system, describes its benefits with clarity: “The ACSS Aurora 5.56 M is an advanced meter-based version of the famed ACSS reticle. ACSS Aurora 5.56 M enhances hit ratio with improved range estimation, wind holds, movement leads and a highly calibrated BDC for the 5.56 cartridge.”

    As with other ACSS reticles, the Aurora’s patented design improves a marksman’s engagement times and accuracy at any distance. The center chevron provides an infinitely precise point of aim for close targets, while the auto-ranging ballistic holdovers show point of impact from 300 to 800 meters. Wind correction holds are also available from 400 to 800 meters at 5mph and 10mph intervals. Holdovers for this reticle are calibrated to match common loadings for 5.56 NATO, .308 Winchester, 5.45×39, and 6.8SPC.

    Despite these impressive features, the new SLx 1-6x24mm SFP Rifle Scope with ACSS AURORA Reticle is priced at an affordable $289.99. For more information or to order this optic, visit the product page on, or shop through your favored Primary Arms Optics retailer.


    The SLx scope line is compatible with Primary Arms' accessories like the 30mm mount shown here.

    The SLx scope line is compatible with Primary Arms’ accessories like the 30mm mount shown here.

    Do you use Primary Arms Optics scopes already? If you have tried them, what did you like or dislike? If you haven’t tried them yet, why not? Given the massive popularity of LPVOs these days, gun owners are not wanting for choice when it comes to 1-6x glass. Do you plan to give this new LPVO a shot? Please let us know what you think in the comments below. See you at the range!

    Photos courtesy of Primary Arms Optics.
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