Langdon Tactical Announces New Red Dot-Ready Beretta 92

    Langdon Tactical's new red dot-equipped Beretta 92.

    Langdon Tactical's new red dot-equipped Beretta 92.

    Langdon Tactical likes to do things a little differently. In today’s gun industry, it seems like everyone and their mothers are working primarily with the standard “who’s who” of striker-fired polymer-framed handguns. There are a plethora of SIG P320 and P365s, Shields, CZs, Walthers, and you can hardly take a step without tripping over a baker’s dozen custom Glocks. If you prefer less common makes and models – say, for example, Beretta’s 92 series – there’s less support available in terms of holster options, customization, and the like. Fortunately, less support doesn’t mean no support, and Ernest Langdon’s team has a history diverging from the beaten path. They’ve done work with guns like the Springfield XD series, Beretta’s polymer-framed PX4, their 1301 shotgun, and one of yesteryear’s favorite 9mm sidearms: the Beretta 92. In an effort to keep the 92 relevant in today’s shooting climate, Langdon Tactical has applied their significant experience and expertise to modernize this handgun by overhauling it to allow for a red dot. In the 92’s case, this process was far more involved than simple slide cuts and required a healthy dose of re-engineering. Meet the new 92 Elite LTT Optic Cut.

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    This 92 slide features a Trijicon RMR.

    It’s here! The 92 Elite LTT with a low mount Red Dot Optic Cut Slide (Full Size, Centurion, or Compact)

    After years of development, Langdon Tactical is very proud and excited to introduce a Micro Red Dot capable Beretta 92.

    This has been no easy task as the internal workings of the 92 slide have made the “proper” low mounting of a red dot optic impossible. With the design of 5 new components and a custom mounting plate specific for the Beretta 92, Langdon Tactical can properly low mount a micro red dot optic.

    When we say low, we mean very low: Our system has a dot height above the center of the bore of .85″ (when paired with a Trijicon RMR), which is as low or lower than most direct milled striker-fired systems.

    A re-engineered firing pin and firing pin block permits the super-secure mounting of an adapter plate that is held in place with three mounting screws, a front dovetail, and a center indexing boss milled into the slide. This plate has a built-in back-up rear sight that mates up with a newly designed front sight for the Elite LTT and other Vertec type slides. This new system is a game-changer for the Beretta 92 owners.

    This RDO package comes with the red dot height front sight that matches the adapter plate built in rear sight pre-installed.

    **An RDO/Optic sight is NOT INCLUDED in this package**

    IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP:  Please allow 1-3 Business Days 

    • 92 Elite LTT with Trigger Job (all models): In stock and ready to ship. Once out of stock, shipping time frame is 3-6 weeks based on guns being received from Beretta and processing times. Centurions, once out, will be at a minimum 6 weeks out because of delays in shipments from Beretta.
    • 92 Elite LTT with NP3 and Carry Bevel: 6-8 weeks for delivery due to stock, NP3 and Carry Bevel work on parts, frame and slide.

    CHECK OUT THE NEW LTT GEAR HERE, including RDO holster, hat and t-shirts! 

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    If Holosun dots are more your flavor, Langdon has you covered there, too.

    So M9 fans, if you’ve been feeling left out – take heart! There’s still room for you in today’s increasingly red-dotted and largely hammerless world. Do you still have love for the US military’s retiring service pistol? Do you enjoy Detective Riggs using his 92F to shoot a smiley face onto a target in the 1987 action classic Lethal Weapon, but you’d like to see Berettas come out of the 80s? Give the Langdon gun a look. Let us know what you think of this M9 red dot revival in the comments below. See you at the range!

    Photos courtesy of Langdon Tactical.
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