Pewdoodles Asset Library – Gun Drawings

    On Instagram, there is an account that has been quietly making gun drawings. Skipper Lee, aka @Pewdoodles, used to make hand-drawn pictures of guns. A lot of them were fanciful sci-fi creations but you could see he drew inspiration from real-life firearms for certain parts and components. Skipper has elevated his aesthetic and has created the Pewdoodles Asset Library.

    Before, In Ye Olden Times

    Ok, so it really was not that long ago. But here are some examples of Skipper’s older gun drawings.

    According to Skipper, he would draw with a pen on paper. They were all done freehand then scanned into a computer and uploaded.

    New Pewdoodles Asset Library Hotness

    Pewdoodles disassembled MP5 drawing

    Take a look at the disassembled MP5 above. There are certain aspects that are done for the sake of the drawings. The break in the magazine is so you can make a complete magazine outside of the gun. But once “inserted” you only need the lower portion that protrudes out of the mag well. There are other minor nuances that Skipper missed, like the tang of the trigger housing, if it was the steel version he was referencing. If it was just the polymer one, then the grip and housing as well as the trigger guard should all be one component. It does not really matter since you can mix and match parts to your heart’s content and that is the reason he designed these components the way he did.

    The asset library is a personal project that evolved from my usual pewdoodles. My earlier drawings involved mashup of guns that are drawn by hand using pen on paper, which gets tiresome after awhile.

    So to save time I decided to trace real firearm parts, which can be used and reused, mixed and matched as I see fit. (Skipper Lee)

    By tracing each individual component, he can then mix and match parts to make whatever firearm he wants. It is sort of like a 2D version of Gunstruction.

    At the moment, the Pewdoodles Asset Library is free in raster form. Skipper is open to commissioned custom drawings. If you want to get in touch with Skipper, you can contact him via DM on his Instagram account @pewdoodles or via email [email protected]

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