Swampfox Optics Announces New Trihawk 3x Prism Scope

    Meet Swampfox Optics' new Trihawk 3x prism scope.

    Meet Swampfox Optics' new Trihawk 3x prism scope.

    If you dig into the story behind the Swampfox Optics name, you’ll discover an exceedingly cool piece of history. This budding young company takes their name from Revolutionary War hero Francis Marion, who earned the “Swamp Fox” nickname leading early American guerillas in the fight for independence. The original “Swamp Fox” and his militiamen gained considerable renown, using irregular tactics learned from Cherokee warriors, as they racked up a 58-1 win/loss record against the redcoats. Quite a legacy! Since their founding in 2018, Swampfox Optics has looked to this spiritual heritage while designing and producing their precision long-range scopes, LPVOs, dot sights, and more. Now with a July 16th press release, Swampfox introduces a new 3x prism scope, the Trihawk. The release reads:

    The new Trihawk in action.

    The new Trihawk in action.

    July 2020

    Swampfox Optics announces the Trihawk 3x prism scope, featuring a super wide, true ten-degree field of view. Looking through Trihawk, you’ll see a 52ft field of view from edge to edge at 100 yards; the widest FOV of any 3x prism on the market. Yet Trihawk still offers greater eye relief than comparable prism scopes from other brands. Fans of the classic “do it all” 3x prism scope concept will want to take a close look.

    Specification highlights:
    • MOA reticle features 40 MOA of vertical holdover
    • BDC reticle calibrated for 5.56 / .308 coming soon
    • Green or red reticle illumination models available.
    • Shake ‘N Wake motion sensing auto on/off illumination
    • Ten brightness settings via top mounted push buttons, 2 NV compatible
    • CR123a battery built into the mount for greater brightness and battery life

    Swampfox Product Marketing Director Michael Branson said:
    “It’s hard to really understand Trihawk until you look through one. When we first started talking about doing a 3x prism scope, I was skeptical. Why should we do a fixed 3x when we already make LPVOs that do everything from 1-8x or even 1-10x? And the answer was, it will have a true ten-degree FOV. Again I was skeptical. ACOGs have about a seven-degree FOV, what’s three more degrees, will anyone care?

    But the first time I looked through a prototype, I literally laughed out loud because I had never seen anything like it before. Ever used a scout scope, where you have great peripheral vision but the view through the scope itself is like looking through a drinking straw? This is the opposite of that. The amount of situational awareness you get looking through the scope at the target area is just phenomenal.”

    • 6061-T5 aluminum
    • Weight: 15.4 oz
    • Rated to 800 G force shock
    • IPX7 Waterproof (1 meter 30 mins)
    • Eye Relief: 2.4”
    • Exit Pupil: 9.5mm
    • Scratch-resistant, anti-fog, hydrophobic, fully multicoated glass

    Branson continues:
    “The 3x prism concept is a simple, strong, do-it-all optic that excels at medium range shooting and saves you weight and bulk compared to other optics with similar capability. At 15.4 ounces Trihawk is not a super light optic, but all the weight is in the glass, a 30mm objective lens up front and the ocular lens out back is even wider, and of course in between them is the prism itself. However, that listed weight include the mount, and everything you need is included right there in the box, even the anti-reflection device is included. Compared to our Arrowhead LPVO plus our mount, Trihawk weighs almost half as much, and the user experience when you shoot with it is amazing.”

    MSRP for Trihawk is $329. Swampfox has an aggressive discount policy for law enforcement and military customers and a T&E program for departments who want to “try before they buy.” Trihawk is available now at www.swampfoxoptics.com.

    This prism scope boasts a 10-degree field of view, which lets you see more than 50 lateral feet at 100 yards.

    This prism scope boasts a 10-degree field of view, which lets you see more than 50 lateral feet at 100 yards.

    Tipping the scales at 15.4 ounces, this optic weighs just a bit more than a typical 4x ACOG's 15.1 ounces.

    Tipping the scales at 15.4 ounces, this optic weighs just a bit more than a typical 4x ACOG’s 15.1 ounces.

    Have you checked out, or do you already own other Swampfox products? If so, what do you think of them? Will you be giving the Trihawk a test drive? What might make you want to choose or avoid this fixed 3x scope? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below! See you at the range.

    Photos courtesy of Swampfox Optics.
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