Faxon Firearms MUSTANG Limited Edition Rifle

    Faxon Firearms has released a limited edition rifle called Mustang, themed after the iconic American WW2 warbird, the P-51 Mustang. The custom laser-engraved Cerakote finish that resembles the fuselage of the airplane is applied by One Off Coating LLC. The Faxon Firearms Mustang is the second rifle in the company’s Limited Edition rifle line with the first one being the Nautilus.

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    The description of this rifle on Faxon Firearms’ website starts with quoting Nazi Germany’s Luftwaffe Commander Reichmarschall Hermann Goring who said: “Whan I saw Mustangs fly over Berlin, I knew the jig was up“. It then goes on explaining the choice of this particular aircraft as the theme for this build:

    When looking to a famous airplane for design inspiration of this limited edition rifle… the choice was easy. You have to start with the P-51 Mustang.

    From it’s war history to the massive amounts of custom nose art, the Mustang is iconic, and we’re proud to pay homage to it with this limited edition rifle.

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    The Faxon Firearms Mustang limited edition rifle features the company’s Match series Gunner profile 16″ barrel chambered in 5.56x45mm. The barrel has 5R rifling, nitrided finish/surface treatment, and is equipped with a nickel Teflon coated barrel extension and a Faxon MuzzLok flash hider. The rifle comes with a mid-length gas system. The receiver set is made of aluminum forgings. The M16 pattern BCG is nitrided and features the Faxon Superfinish which is applied to reduce the friction and ensure smoother cycling of the action.

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    Other features of Faxon Firearms Mustang rifle include the 15″ M-LOK handguard, Hiperfire EDTDM single-stage trigger, Radian Raptor-LT ambidextrous charging handle, Radian Talon Ambi 45/90 safety selector, Magpul MOE pistol grip and Magpul MOE SL stock. The overall weight of the rifle is 6.1 lbs.

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    The MSRP of Faxon Firearms Mustang limited edition rifle is $1,550. Only 25 of these rifles will be made. Each rifle will come with a P-51 Mustang T-shirt, stickers, framed print of the Faxon Mustang artwork, and a certificate signed by Bob and Barry Faxon.

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    To learn more about the Faxon Firearms Mustang project, watch the below embedded Faxon Blog & Podcast episode.

    Images by Faxon Firearms, www.faxonfirearms.com

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