Free Printable Coloring Book From The Cody Firearms Museum

    Coloring book from Cody Firearms Museum

    Image credit: Cody Firearms Museum

    The Cody Firearms Museum has just released a free, printable, firearms-related coloring book for all ages.  The coloring book consists of several historical firearms, a Winchester-made wrench, several promotional posters and a box of ammunition all hand illustrated! Each picture is accompanied by information briefly explaining the picture.

    Coloring book from Cody Firearms Museum

    Image credit: Cody Firearms Museum

    The following excerpt is from the Cody Firearms Museum’s Facebook page:

    Hey everyone, we made you a coloring book! You should be able to save the images from this post and then print them at home to color in. If you don’t have access to a printer let us know and we will mail you a set. Once you color them in be sure to message us with a photo of your work and we will share some of our favorites!

    For those not familiar with the Cody Firearms Museum, they are a front-running institution and an authority when it comes to firearms and how to preserve firearms history. You can go HERE to see TFB’s coverage of the Cody Firearms Museum.  Below is an explanation of the Museum from their website:

    The Firearms Museum houses the most comprehensive collection of American firearms in the world. In 1975, the Winchester Arms Collection, the heart of this museum, adventured west as a loan from the Olin Corporation. It was deeded as a gift in 1988. To date, the Cody Firearms Museum has over 7,000 firearms with more than 30,000 firearms-related artifacts.

    Free Printable Coloring Book

    Image credit: Cody Firearms Museum

    For those that are interested in printing off the Cody Firearms Museum’s Coloring Book for yourself or your children, you can download it HERE.  If you plan to share your finished products with the Museum, consider copying in my email address (in my bio below) to share your work with us as well.

    And don’t forget to send them photo of your hard work!

    Have you had a chance to visit the Cody Firearms Museum?  Tell us about your experience; or if you haven’t visited yet, is it on your bucket list?

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