Blackwater Announces Investment In Iron Horse Firearms

    The Iron Horse (Blackwater Firearms)

    North Carolina-based Blackwater Worldwide have announced a partnership with Utah-based Iron Horse Firearms which will see Iron Horse come under the Blackwater banner as the company continues to diversify. Blackwater’s new firearms division joins the gear and ammo arms of the business.

    Blackwater Firearms will continue selling Ironhorse’s precision AR rifle, with a thumb trigger, now known as the Blackwater Iron Horse and also the Sentry 12 magazine-fed pump-action shotgun.

    Sentry 12 Shotgun (Blackwater Firearms)

    Here’s what Blackwater have to say about the partnership:

    Erik Prince and Blackwater Worldwide are pleased to announce the recent partnership with Iron Horse Firearms.  

    Iron Horse entered the scene late 2018 with the first of its kind, thumb operated AR15 and their magazine fed shotgun called the Sentry 12.  The patent pending, thumb-operated trigger has been shown to greatly enhance the experience of a large portion of the shooting community and makes shooting possible for those who have limited mobility or severely injured fingers.  The Sentry 12 magazine fed shotgun, gives users the ability to rapidly select various ammo to match the threat level, all within a simple and reliable platform. Both products will be sold under the Blackwater Firearms division of Blackwater Worldwide. 

    “Ironhorse’s revolutionary trigger system has the potential to be a game changer.  It could not come at a better time as there have been so few impactful innovations in the firearms industry over the past 50 years.” Said Eric Prince, Founder of Blackwater Worldwide “Our in-house testing has shown a significant decrease in shot group size when compared to a traditional AR-15 trigger set.   We think this technology could be totally disruptive in the firearms market and could replace traditional triggers altogether at some point.”

    “Blackwater brings much appreciated industry experience to our relatively new company.” Said Ryan McDonald, CEO Iron Horse Firearms “Together, we feel good about our chances of making this Blackwater and Iron Horse partnership very successful.” 

    Moving forward, Iron Horse Firearms will be “doing business as” Blackwater Firearms.

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