Zastava ZPAPM70 AKs Now Available With Chrome-Lined Barrels

    Zastava ZPAPM70 AKs To Come Standard With Chrome Lined Barrels (11)

    AKs of Zastava Arms USA are some of the highest quality production Kalashnikov pattern rifles currently available in the USA. Their full-size 7.62x39mm rifle, ZPAPM70, is a rugged and reliable gun and as the company says, is built like a tank. However, 7.62x39mm Zastava AKs have always lacked one important feature – chrome-lined barrels. A lot of people have been asking Zastava Arms USA to add this feature to the rifles and looks like the company listens to its customers because from now on, all ZPAPM70 rifles will come standard with chrome-lined barrels.

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    Besides the chrome lining of barrels, Zastava has also made a couple of other changes based on customer demand. Particularly, the ZPAPM70 rifles will now feature RPK-style bulged trunnions and 1.5mm thick receivers. The upgraded rifles will be available in all the furniture options that older ZPAPM70 rifles have been offered with – walnut wood or polymer of black, FDE and OD Green color options.

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    As Zastava Arms USA told us, they’ve already started shipping the upgraded ZPAPM70 rifles to distributors. The dealers should start receiving the rifles in the coming weeks. Despite the added features that, of course, increase the manufacturing costs, Zastava managed to keep the price at the same level. At an MSRP of $898.99, the new ZPAPM70 rifle costs only $19 more than the previous version ($879.99).

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    This author thinks that chrome-lined barrels are a must-have feature on AK pattern rifles, but honestly, in my opinion, RPK-style bulged trunnions and 1.5mm receivers are overkill for semi-auto only AKs … well, unless you are planning to launch a ton of rifle grenades or if your range time looks more like a meltdown test. At any rate, you asked and they delivered it. It is great to see large manufacturers/importers listening to their customers and modifying their products to offer exactly what the market wants.

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