Sharps Bros Prototype T/C Contender Grip/Picatinny Stock Adapter

    Sharps Bros To Make TC Contender Aluminum Grips (1)

    Photo credit: Sharps Bros

    Sharps Bros published on their social media pages pictures of a 3D printed prototype of what will eventually become an aluminum grip and Picatinny rail compatible stock adapter for Thompson/Center Contender rifles and pistols.

    Typical classic T/C Contender rifle and pistol. Photo credit: Thompson/Center

    For decades, Thompson/Center Contender has been a popular hunting gun. This single shot break action firearm has a simple, robust, accurate and modular design allowing to change calibers in a matter of swapping the barrels. These features also made the Contender extremely popular among wildcatters with entire families of wildcat cartridges developed primarily for this platform (e.g. the JDJ line of cartridges created by the renowned wildcatter J.D. Jones).

    Sharps Bros To Make TC Contender Aluminum Grips (3)

    Photo credit: Sharps Bros

    An adapter like this will definitely make this firearm even more versatile and practical for the modern shooters allowing to build lightweight and compact rigs with modern features and appearance. And granted that this will be a drop-in part, you’ll be able to return the original look of your Contender should you want so.

    I think it would be great if Sharps Bros also designed an aluminum forearm that will aesthetically match this grip/stock adapter and expand the options of accessorizing the gun. It would also be good if the actual pistol grip was an AR-15 or AK-47 (depending on what the design allows) compatible instead of a single piece one.

    Sharps Bros To Make TC Contender Aluminum Grips (11)

    Photo credit: Sharps Bros

    To learn more about this Sharps Bros project, watch the below embedded video where John Sharps, the founder and owner of Sharps Bros, tells the story of how he started shooting T/C Contenders and shows this product prototype.

    Tell us in the comments section if this is a product that you’d love to retrofit your T/C Contender with? What combination of calibers and accessories do you think will make a perfect build with this adapter?

    Stay tuned to learn about the release of this grip/stock adapter!

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