ODIN Works NAV 22 Rimfire Suppressor

    ODIN Works NAV 22 Rimfire Suppressor (231)

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    Introduced at SHOT Show 2020, the new ODIN Works NAV 22 rimfire suppressor is now available for purchase. This suppressor has a tubeless modular design allowing to change the overall length by removing or adding baffles.

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    Photo credit: ODIN Works

    First, let’s see how ODIN Works describe this new suppressor:

    DIN Works first 22 LR suppressor, the NAV 22 will enhance your rimfire experience.  Engineered with heat treated stainless steel and 7075 hard anodized aluminum, the NAV 22 is the perfect combination of weight and strength.  After the ODIN Works engineering dept tirelessly tested designs and configurations to find what truly worked best, the modular NAV 22 was born.  Weighing a mere 2.3 ounces in the short configuration and only 4 ounces in the full configuration, you likely won’t even know it’s on your gun.   With dB ratings for rifle at 113 and pistol at 119, the NAV 22 will outperform almost anything on the market. The ODIN Works NAV 22 is the epitome of affordable quality.

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    The components of the ODIN Works NAV 22 suppressor are shown in the above-embedded image. The far left part is the threaded mount which screws onto your firearm using the standard 1/2×28 thread pitch. Next to the mount is the blast chamber which unlike other parts of this suppressor that are made of hard-coat anodized 7075 aluminum, is made of heat-treated 17-4 stainless steel. The steel blast chamber is also the serialized part. The far right part is the end cap and the rest of the parts are threaded cone baffles (the suppressor comes with six such baffles). As noted by ODIN works, “for proper compliance and function, all configurations must include the initial ½ – 28 thread adapter, the serialized steel baffle, one threaded cone baffle and the end cap.“.

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    Photo credit: ODIN Works

    The overall length of the Nav 22 suppressor with all the baffles installed is 6.5″ and its outside diameter is 1.05″. This is a semi-auto rated suppressor and it can be used with .22 LR, .22 WMR, .17 HMR rimfire cartridges as well as the .17 Hornet centerfire round.

    The MSRP of ODIN Works Nav 22 suppressor is $349. It is available in black or sand color options.

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