SIG Sauer Folding Visor Stock: How To Shoulder A Rifle With COVID-19 Panic Masks

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

With the current state of events, many people are wearing masks to protect themselves from COVID-19. That is great and all. One should take precautions for better health. But what if you have to use a rifle? Have you practiced shooting a rifle with a mask or in some cases a gas mask? It is not as easy as you think. Traditional stocks can get in the way. The SIG Sauer folding visor stock clears gas mask filters and allows you to get a proper sight picture.

Masks And Stocks Don’t Mix Without Compromise

Depending on what mask you are using and how you set it up you might be able to cheek your rifle. In my friend’s case, he needed a taller optic to make it easier for him to see his sights. He is using a Unity Tactical FAST riser and an M50 gas mask. However, he cannot install the second filter on the right side if he wants to keep aiming like this. Another option would be to use a very bright visible laser however that does not work well in broad daylight and to get a laser that could be too powerful and not eye safe.

SIG Folding Visor Stock Works Around Your Problems

Photo by T-Rex Arms

As you can see above, the SIG Sauer folding visor stock clears the gas mask just fine but it seems to be missing a filter on the right hand side. What if you are running a 3M 6200 mask with dual filters and you got to protect the last of the Charmin bathroom tissue?

Got that precious TP, now to escort it back home.

As you can see below I can get the buttpad into my shoulder.

The SIG Sauer folding visor stock reaches underneath and around the 3M filter.

The MCX folding visor stock also works with night vision.

Originally the folding visor stock is for use with helmets that have a visor. It works with other helmets that cover your face as well.

The SIG MCX/MPX folding visor stock is designed to attach to the rear Picatinny rail on the back of the receiver. So if you have a firearm that has a rear Picatinny rail, then you can mount the stock to it.

One issue I found with the folding visor stock is if it is folded on an AR style platform like the MPX or MCX the stock kind of gets in the way of your shooting hand. This is especially problematic if you are left handed. At least I can wrap my thumb around the outside of the folding visor stock.

There is no room for my thumb to fit between the grip and visor stock.

You can install the visor stock on a KRISS Vector Gen 2 upper receiver. I am using the Engineered Silence Picatinny adapter, the same one I used on their 10/22 chassis.

And due to the design of the Vector, no issues for a right handed shooter to get a proper shooting grip.

Obviously, the SIG Sauer folding visor stock was designed to be used with MCX and MPX style firearms. But as long as your gun has a Picatinny rail in the back, you can clamp one on and get a proper sight picture with your face protection of choice during these trying Corona Virus times.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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    I feel like everyone has entirely misread how not serious this dude has been this entire time based solely on this article.

  • 245676347 245676347 on Apr 08, 2020

    If you're reading this I bought out the entire stock from Sig and they're discontinued lol