Working Prototype of Slagga VISKA (US-Made Vintorez)

    Working Prototype of Slagga VISKA - US-Made Vintorez (1)

    Slagga Manufacturing, a company that has been working on creating a US-made replica of the Soviet VSS Vintorez rifle, has announced about a significant progress in this project: they’ve built a working prototype of Viska, the American Vintorez.

    VSS Vintorez is a Soviet/Russian integrally suppressed rifle chambered in 9x39mm. The cartridge and rifle were designed to be an efficiently suppressed system that can provide sufficient accuracy and terminal performance to about 300 meters. Slagga Manufacturing has been working on the US-made Vintorez replica for about five years and looks like they are very close to releasing this weapon.

    Working Prototype of Slagga VISKA - US-Made Vintorez (2)

    Viska rifle is almost identical to the original Vintorez, with the exception of several changes made to improve the design. Particularly, the company claims that the manufacturing technologies and materials they use are superior to those used in the original Vintorez. The barrel of Viska rifle is not ported as it is in the Vintorez which is said to improve the accuracy without affecting the sound suppression level. Viska suppressor also has a different monocore baffle design that results in an improved sound suppression, and a tapered mount that allows consistent alignment and concentricity with the bore.

    The Viska rifle has a takedown design with a quick detach stock and suppressor. The rifle will be initially chambered in 9x39mm, however, later, the company plans to also make its 7.62x39mm and .300 Blackout versions. After the launch of Viska, they will also start working on creating a replica of another Russian rifle – SR-3M.

    The Slagga Manufacturing Viska is a striker-fired gas-operated firearm with a long-stroke piston. The action lockup is accomplished by a six-lug rotating bolt.  The overall length of this rifle is 35.2″, the barrel is 7.9″ long and the gun weighs in at 5.75 lbs. This rifle is fed from 10 and 20 round polymer detachable box magazines and has an AK-style side scope rail.

    As you have probably guessed, in the described configuration (suppressed SBR), it will be a two-stamp gun. However, the company is also designing a rifle (16″ barrel with faux suppressor) and pistol (compatible with Picatinny rail mounted braces) versions of Viska. Although the Slagga Viska is not yet available for preorder, the price listed on the company’s website is $3,000. Stay tuned to learn about the start of preorders.

    Images by Slagga Manufacturing

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