Underground Arms Watch – February 2020

    Welcome to another installment of Underground Arms Watch series where we take a look at criminally made and modified firearms seized throughout the world.

    Last week police in Queensland Australia seized two homemade firearms during multiple drug-related raids on Gold Coast properties. The raids were said to be part of an operation targeting criminal activities of various outlaw motorcycle clubs with members of the Lone Wolfs and Mongols among those arrested.

    A homemade revolver, a model of which has been documented previously seized on multiple occasions. Also seized was a homemade submachine gun that appears identical to four others which were seized in Sydney in June 2018.

    Queensland Police

    A .22LR zip gun made from a modified automatic center punch was also seized earlier in the month, a trend previously seen.

    Another recent seizure by New South Wales police:

    NSW Police

    ‘Man charged over stolen guns and power tools ‘linked to youth gang’

    Well, it certainly explains the custom foregrip.
    Police have uncovered a huge haul of stolen power tools and guns, allegedly from a man linked to Brisbane’s notorious “Northside Gang”.

    The 26-year-old has been wanted by police for several months, accused of a number of thefts across the Sunshine Coast. He was arrested yesterday in Brisbane’s north after officers intercepted a car and allegedly found a shortened firearm and ammunition. A search of the man’s home allegedly uncovered stolen power tools, masks and a spiked bat with the word “NORTHSIDE” engraved on it. He has since been charged with 63 offences (MSN).

    A typical homemade submachine gun was seized in Judea and Samaria last week.


    A homemade revolver used by a prison escapee in Zimbabwe to rob a store on Wednesday.


    The pistol below was supposedly seized from a ‘taxi hitman’ last month.



    Another piece from the Zimbabwe school of gunsmithing:


    On Wednesday In Cajazeiras Brazil a Two Wheeled Tacker was apprehended.

    Policia Militar


    Another stapler adaption seized last week, though in a more concealable double-barrel form with the trigger having evolved:

    Policia Militar

    A typical slam fire shotgun:

    Policia Militar


    On Wednesday 10 homemade submachine guns were seized from a home Belo Horizonte Brazil. The frequency of such raids shows that the genie really is out with the manufacturing knowledge being so widespread even among low level criminals.

    Policia Militar


    Another interesting example of a .380 SMG. The stock and grip are from the Chinese Type 56-2, most likely built around its .22 air rifle counterpart.

    Policia Militar


    An open bolt 12 ga shotgun zip gun and .38 break barrel revolver:

    Policia Militar


    Finally, below are some typical locally made weapons that were seized last week from a member of the BIFF Islamic terror group in Maguindanao, Philippines. Reportedly includes a “KG9 rifle, one M79 grenade launcher, one homemade shotgun, one caliber .40 pistol, one Butt Stock of M14 rifle, one riflescope, one gas cylinder of M60 machine gun, assorted magazines and several rounds of ammunition.”

    “CAMP SIONGCO, Maguindanao – Several firearms were recovered at General Salipada K. Pendatun (GSKP), Maguindanao early this morning (February 6) after serving warrant of arrest against an individual with outstanding warrant of arrest.

    The operating troops of 40th Infantry Battalion were serving arrest warrant against a certain Sukarno Buka a.k.a. Boba who is facing a charge for attempted murder. The suspect is also a Commander of the Bangsomoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) terror group. (Kalinawnews)