Hush Puppy Project Model 2 Suppressor and More Pistols With Slide Lock Device

Hrachya H
by Hrachya H
Hush Puppy Project Model 2 Suppressor and More Pistols With Slide Lock Device (1)

At SHOT Show 2020, I stopped by the Super Vel Ammunition booth and learned about the latest developments in their Hush Puppy Project. The products of this project include silencers with wipes and handguns featuring external slide locking levers that allow having utmost sound suppression by eliminating the noise of the cycling action. For 2020, the company has introduced the Model 2 suppressor which is more compact than the first model and they will also expand the line of pistols with Slide Lock Devices (SLD).

The main module of Model 2 suppressor disassembled.

The Hush Puppy Project Model 2 suppressor consists of main and auxiliary modules. The main module has six wipes – three pairs with small chambers inbetween them. The auxiliary module comes with twelve wipes. It can be added to the main unit (both with and without its wipes) to increase the suppression level. You can also keep the wipes of the auxiliary module as spare ones to replace the worn wipes in the main unit.

Model 2 suppressor's auxiliary module.

Right now, the Hush Puppy Project includes Glock 19 and S&W M&P 2.0 pistols with Slide Lock Devices. In 2020 the company will also add a Glock 43X to their line of pistols with SLD slides.

Hush Puppy Project Model 2 Suppressor and More Pistols With Slide Lock Device (2)

The Slide Lock Device has a different design for different pistols. For M&P 2.0 it is a part added to the trigger mechanism that protrudes from the frame and locks into a cutout in the slide. In the case of Glock pistols, the SLD is installed into the slide and when activated, it slides in front of the rear left frame rail thus preventing the slide from moving rearward.

Slide Lock Device lever on a Glock pistol slide.

Having a small tab in front of a slide rail may sound like a flimsy mechanism that won’t be able to withstand the pressures of the system. The company has addressed this concern on their website by saying the following:

This is how a pistol works. The SLD itself does not “withstand” chamber pressure at all. The SLD simply blocks the rearward travel of the slide which does not commence until after the bullet has left the muzzle! Chamber pressure has dropped precipitously by then.

It may seem that the SLD must bear the brunt of the slide’s force, but it doesn’t. The lockup does. The purpose of a pistol locking into battery is to contain chamber pressure. The three mated parts are designed to contain pressure— that’s why John Browning invented the system! The SLD does not need to be made of angle iron, just a little tab will do nicely to hold the slide shut, just for a moment, until the pressure is fully released at the muzzle as the bullet exits. Until then, the lockup takes care of the pressure. This is why a Hush Puppy® Project Slide Lock Device is such an unobtrusive, minimalist design.

Tell us in the comments section what do you think about the Hush Puppy Project.

Hrachya H
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  • Noob Noob on Feb 15, 2020

    this is pretty cool. with practice gripping the slide to work the action ought to automatically pull the tab upwards. I wonder what happens if you pull the slide backwards all the way, push the slide lock down so the tab sticks out and then let the slide slam home? will it safely pop up without snapping off?

  • Jay Jay on Feb 17, 2020

    Sounded a little snarky, and defensive.