[SHOT 2020] The SafeShoot Safety Environment System

    [SHOT 2020] SafeShoot

    I had the opportunity to speak with the creators of SafeShoot this year at SHOT Show 2020. The system they’ve come up with aims to prevent friendly fire incidents for hunters, law enforcement and the military. At SHOT Show 2020, SafeShoot had a live demo of the system on display for attendees to take a look at and experience first hand.

    [SHOT 2020] SafeShoot

    [SHOT 2020] The SafeShoot Safety Environment System

    The SafeShoot system’s specific purpose is to prevent friendly fire incidents between users of the SafeShoot system, but how does it work? The system works using a combination of radiofrequency, MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) sensors and GPS, the system calculates the direction of the muzzle while simultaneously keeping track of the locations of other SafeShoot units in order to detect a possible friendly fire incident.

    Simply put, if the “shooters” device detects a team member’s device, the unit will provide both an auditory and visual alarm in order to alert the shooter of a possible friendly fire incident. It accomplishes this via a rearward-facing set of flashing LED’s as well as a buzzer for the audio cue.

    [SHOT 2020] SafeShoot

    The “Shooter” device is the primary device mentioned and described above. A companion device has also been released called the “Defender” device. Thie Defender is intended to be worn by Hunting or Squad dogs as opposed to attached to a weapon, although the defender models can also be applied to non-shooting situations such as field guide work and hiking. The Defender provides the same networking coverage as the Shooter models and communicates in the same network to notify armed members in the area that there is a friendly in the line of fire.

    [SHOT 2020] SafeShoot

    The system will operate at distances of up to 1000 meters and in any weather conditions. Line of Sight is not even needed in order for the system to work as the RF sensor can detect other units through solid objects while the GPS tracks distance between units and the MEMS sensors keep track of barrel movement and direction.

    The SafeShoot system is available now through their website and there is currently free shipping during SafeShoots launch event.

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