[SHOT 2020] Reactor USA Fusion Module – A Bolt Gun Diagnostic Tool

    There are some really interesting products to help you shoot. Kestrels, ballistic calculators, chronographs, and laser range finders all help a shooter understand their environment and their gun. Well the Reactor Fusion Module might be the next must have accessory for precision bolt gun shooters who want to better know their gun.

    Reactor Fusion Module


    The Fusion module is a small wireless device that bolts to MLOK rails in a bolt gun chassis. However it is sandwiched between the chassis. Reactor had this one installed in a Grayboe chassis.

    I said the Reactor Fusion module is a diagnostic tool for bolt guns but what does it do? Here is a list of features it currently can perform. But there are more coming that they did not have time to program in before SHOT SHOW 2020.

    1. Shot detection and counting
    2. Shot mapping
    3. Recoil measurement
    4. Heading, cant, and inclination
    5. Barrel Temperature
    6. Background shot logging
    7. Heads Up Display
    8. Environmental and weather data

    See the circle next to the word Reactor? That is an infrared sensor to measure the temperature of your barrel.

    The Reactor Fusion module is like a MantisX on steroids. While it measures the position of your gun in real time it adds all the other features mentioned earlier.

    Since the app is on the phone you have access to weather information. You can pair a Kestrel with the app to get all that information as well.

    Every time you take a shot, the Fusion Module logs all the information it is collecting and stores it in the app. Your location, the weather, barrel temperature and position of your gun is all stored in real time.

    The app uses google maps and can show your where the shot was recorded.


    If you have multiple guns each with their own Fusion Module you can store them and bring them up. 

    You can also program what cartridge you are using. A ballistic calculator is coming soon for the Reactor app.

    As I said earlier, the Reactor Fusion module records the position of your gun. It tracks the direction, cant and inclination but it only records the information once a shot is taken.

    The Fusion Module is slated to be released beginning of March while the app will be released near the end of February.  Reactor USA is taking feedback from SHOT Show 2020 and will be updating the Fusion Module. They would like a system that can be bolted to the outside rather than sandwiching the module to the chassis.

    They doubt they will be able to implement a chronograph but you can enter than information in by hand when the ballistic calculator is programmed in. They are talking to LabRadar to possibly collaborate and sync the LabRadar chronograph to the Fusion module. The Fusion module will retail for $499. Check their website for updates when it is released.

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