[SHOT 2020] TNVC DTNVS, Artemis and Accessories

    TNVC has a bunch of new products at SHOT Show 2020. They have two new night vision goggles, a compact an affordable micro infrared laser and some upgrades for those who like to run a packback for your NODs.

    Artemis BNVG-E

    The most intriguing for me was the Artemis BNVG-E. As soon as I saw it, I immediately knew who designed it. Augee of TNVC is a huge fan of the ball detent style mount typically used for aviation night vision goggles like the ANVIS9. Ball detent mounts deliver power to the goggle so the goggles do not have an onboard battery power supply. You just flip them down and they turn on. Flip them upwards and the electrical contacts in the ball detent mount disconnects and the goggles shut off.

    So why make the Artemis BNVG-E? The ANVIS style goggles are not rugged for heavy use. They are for use in a cockpit where very little will happen to them. There are been attempts to make a ground ruggedized version of ANVIS but they compromise the ball detent feature. The Adams Industries Sentinel and AB Night Vision RNVG are examples of attempts to make rugged binocular night vision goggles based off the ANVIS design. However they have onboard power and use dovetail mounts. You can get a ball detent adapter but it positions the goggles too far down and the goggles are heavy.

    The Artemis BNVG-E is still in pre-production phase. The goggles in the picture above is the first working prototype. It will need to be tested thoroughly.


    The most exciting development in the night vision world would have to be the new DTNVS. Act In Black is a manufacturer of the DTNVGs. The Dual Tube Night Vision Goggles have become the most desirable articulating bino NOD after the L3 PVS-31. The only problem with the DTNVGs is the weight compared to the PVS-31. The DTNVGs weigh around 20 ounces where the PVS-31 weighs just under a pound at 15.5 ounces.These new DTNVS reportedly weigh just 17.5 ounces.

    The new DTNVS housing looks like it was made out of Xenomorph body parts. It is somewhat Alien-esque in its aesthetics.

    The skeletal design is to give the housing strength while reducing as much weight as possible.

    They added loops at the top of the bridge for easier access for bungees and lanyards.

    Price for the DTNVS housing is expected to be slightly more expensive than the DTNVG. DTNVG housing retail price is $2,800. So expect the DTNVS to be about $3,000 for the housing.

    ANVS – BNVD Cable Adapter

    For those who run BNVD (Binocular Night Vision Device) like the PVS-31 or the BNVD-1431. There are two types of battery packs based on the cable connection. The most common is the LEMO port used for ANVIS battery packs, RNVGs and other goggles capitalize on this port as well. L3’s PVS-31 uses a different port and cable called FISCHER and it is not compatible with ANVIS battery packs. The PVS-31 has its own proprietary backpack and it is more expensive than all the other battery packs. Battery packs are great because they can help act as a counter balance to your night vision devices. The adapter cable will retial for $224.95


    Steiner/TNVC TOR-MINI IR

    Next up from TNVC is an exlcusive micro laser. It is infrared and is actually a pistol laser. But when inverted it will fit on a top rail of a sub gun. This little laser is perfect for a short gun setup with limited rail space. The paddle switches clear front sights like the UNITY Tactical FUSION.

    The TOR-MINI has three power levels and it is a class 1 laser. 0.7mW/ 0.4mW/ 0.2mW. It weighs just 1.6 ounces. It is made of CNC aluminum housing with type-III anodized coating. It will retail for just $269.99.

    For more information check out TNVC.com.

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