[SHOT 2020] The New Taurus Defender 856

    Taurus 856 Defender

    Taurus 856 Defender

    Last year Taurus introduced their Model 856 snub-nosed 6 shot revolver. I was able to get a look this year’s SHOT Show 2020 at their recently revealed Taurus Defender 856. Taking the existing Model 856, Taurus added night sights and a 3″ barrel. With many finishes and styles available, The Defender 856 can be had for a reasonable price as well as in nearly any finish you desire.

    • FRAME SIZE: Small
    • CAPACITY: 6 rds
    • HEIGHT: 4.80″
    • WIDTH: 1.41″
    • WEIGHT: 35.00 oz.
    • BARREL LENGTH: 3.00″
    • OVERALL LENGTH: 7.50″
    • FRONT SIGHT: Night Sight With Bright Orange Outline
    • REAR SIGHT: Fixed
    • SAFETY : None
    • MSRP $477.00

    Taurus Defender 856

    [SHOT 2020] Taurus Defender 856 with texturized wood grips and an interesting two-tone finish

    Chambered in .38 special, the Defender 856 is a double-action/single-action 6 shot revolver. This seems like it would make a great concealed carry option for its size and caliber. The Defender 856 also comes in various grip textures and styles ranging from simple wooden grips to Hogue style rubberized grips.

    Chambered for .38 Special +P ammo, the Defender 856 boasts a six-round capacity and DA/SA action with a transfer bar safety. The barrel length is three inches, making it short enough for deep concealed carry while delivering a sight radius for accuracy at distances beyond the personal space zone. The longer 3-inch barrel also delivers increased muzzle velocity (vs. 2-inch barrels) for more decisive terminal performance. Unlike most 3-inch barrel revolvers, the Defender 856 comes with an extended ejector rod for quicker tactical reloads.

    The Model 856 is actually a reintroduction of the previous Taurus Model 85 that was discontinued in the 80’s. Taurus revived the Model 85 last year with a 2″ snub nose and then followed up in 2020 with a slightly longer 3″ barrel version. The Defender 856 also features a pinned Ameriglo Tritium front night sight. When view through the rear tranch it is easy to get a sight picture with the night sight that is surrounded by a fluorescent orange tube.

    The Defender 856 is available now and retails for $477 MSRP.

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