[SHOT 2020] SIG Sauer’s New P210 Carry

    (Matthew Moss/TFB)

    Earlier this week in my SIG Sauer range day round up I teased some of photos of SIG Sauer’s compact P210 Carry pistol. The pistol is a response to customer demand for a P210 which can be carried more readily. It was a gun which had been rumoured but I hadn’t expected to see at SIG’s range day – a very pleasant surprise.

    Before we jump in, a quick history lesson. The original SIG P210 came to prominence as an extremely well made Swiss service pistol, based on a design by Swiss engineer and French Army officer Charles Petter. Petter developed the Modèle 1935A which influenced the P210. The P210 owes its accuracy and smooth action to the reverse rail system it uses with the slide riding inside the receiver rather than on it as in most modern pistols.


    The P210 Carry and its bigger brother the P210 Target – both exceptionally pleasant guns to shoot (Matthew Moss/TFB)

    Fast forward to 2017, SIG Sauer reintroduced the legendary and much revered P210 as a target model and since then there has been clamour for a version of the pistol which can be used as a carry gun. The new P210 Carry has an aluminium frame, G10 grip panels and and front and rear slide serrations and a set of SIG’s tritium night sights. The magazine capacity of the 210 Carry is 8 + 1, it weighs in at around 32 ounces and has a 4in barrel.


    Right-side of the pistols (Matthew Moss/TFB)

    The aesthetics of the pistol are extremely stylish and understated, that coupled with its ease of shooting and accuracy (I was able to connect with steel at 20 to 30 yards) with my first few shots. Like its big brother the 210 Target the pistol has a left-side only magazine release and a large, long and very easy to manipulate manual safety.

    (Matthew Moss/TFB)

    The pistol isn’t currently listed on SIG Sauer’s website or in their 2020 catalogue but as soon as we know more we’ll share an update.

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