Concealed Carry Corner: Are You The Best Version Of Yourself?

    In the concealed carry world, it’s always fun looking at new guns and what gear fits your lifestyle best. In the past, we’ve talked about training yourself to be more aware in public and how to look for things out of place. Another important aspect of that doesn’t get as much attention is the idea of being the best version of yourself.

    With concealed carrying comes an extra layer of responsibility so being conscious of your decisions mentally, emotionally, and physically is all extremely important. Let’s dive into some of the various aspects to keep in mind when you decide to carry a firearm in public.

    A Healthy Mindset

    Having a positive healthy mindset is extremely important when carrying every day. Occasionally, I will sit through a concealed carry class and people will ask certain questions about what if other concealed carriers draw on us or even asking if they’re justified to defend themselves from police officers. Typically those people will be asked to leave the class, but its something that does happen. Certain individuals fantasize about concealed carrying like it’s the days of the old west.

    It may seem laughable to some of you, but I will assure you guys, there are people out there who want to conceal carry a gun because it gives them a sense of power. Typically, this is with people who want power but might not otherwise have it. It’s important to remember the responsibility that comes with carrying a firearm and how you should be in a more passive state. Being a passive person instead of the aggressor will, in most cases, defuse the situation so you won’t have to unnecessarily pull your firearm. Being a positive influence and having a solid moral compass will be extremely beneficial to you in the long run.

    Physically Healthy

    Now, this is where people tend to get into debates when defining being physically “ready” at conceal carrying a firearm. Being in the best physical condition you can be when conceal carrying is an important aspect. It’s an important point to have enough strength to fight off someone if they try to go for your gun. Now don’t get me wrong, I know in the real world things happen and we don’t always get to go to the gym. We don’t always get to be as physically fit as we always want. It happens, and I totally understand that but if you’re 500 lbs and struggle to do daily activities it might not be great to conceal carry.

    Being physically active and being able to defend yourself with or without a gun is important when carrying a gun. The chances of you having to pull or use your firearm are slim but you want to be able to run for help if you have to in a situation. It doesn’t take much to start down a good path of physical fitness. Doing something small like going for walks or having one healthy meal per day will drastically improve how you feel and your overall health. Making small changes over time will have a big impact on how you feel after a while.

    Overall Thoughts

    Concealed carrying is an exciting experience with lots of responsibility included with this right. There are certain traits you must have if you want to be safe and successful in concealed carrying. Traveling around and meeting people gives me the chance to meet some amazing people in the gun community. 99% of guys out there do an amazing job being professional, courteous and safe when they conceal carry but there are always people out there who will abuse their power.

    Every time you strap that gun onto your side, your mindset should change to be the very best version of yourself. I’ve heard people comparing it to being a peace officer or taking the role of a good guy just looking to help people. Having a set of standards when conceal carrying is a great way to automatically get into a certain mindset to respect your rights and responsibilities. Being physically, as well as mentally healthy, when deciding to conceal carry will take you a long way. Not only will it make for a safer community but it will also give you personal satisfaction knowing you did the right thing.

    Whether it’s passing up going to the bar or going for a walk after dinner to get a little more exercise, every little thing helps to make you more prepared for what life throws at you. It doesn’t take a guy looking like Arnold in Commando to conceal carry a firearm daily. It just takes someone who values their safety and wants to protect themselves. Let me know what you guys do when it comes to mental and physical health for concealed carry in the comments below. If you have any questions feel free to message me on my Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there and Merry Christmas!

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