US Palm: Still on the Comeback Trail?

    US Palm website landing page

    The landing page for US Palm's new website.

    In August of 2017, TFB reported that much-beloved maker of AK mags and other parts/accessories, US Palm, was sadly going under. After a hiatus of a year-and-change, in September 2018 TFB also reported that they appeared to be setting up for a resurrection with the help of Century Arms – eliciting joy from many AK enthusiasts. In the weeks and months following this apparent revival, drama unfolded in the form of a lawsuit brought against XTech Tactical over alleged copied designs. Now more than a year after first word of their resurgence, it seems as though substantive strides are coming closer to fruition. As of December 2nd, 2019, US Palm now has a functioning website complete with several product pages, contact and warranty info, and a shopping cart function (although as of this writing there is not yet a way to add products to said cart and complete a transaction, so we will have to wait for more to follow on that).

    US Palm products

    Although not yet purchasable, US Palm’s vaunted magazines and grips are featured on their new website.

    While a lot of Kalashnikov devotees have been hoping for this return for some time, not everyone is quite so pleased. Within a mere matter of an hour since the new site’s announcement, more than a few social media commenters and (former?) fans began expressing their ire. There is clearly a measure of ill will felt by some members of the shooting community, caused by the aforementioned lawsuit. Comments expressing eagerness to purchase US Palm AK grips and magazines again are stacked on other comments calling for a Century Arms boycott, or urging others to support lawsuit target company XTech instead.

    US Palm swag

    Fans will surely snap up US Palm’s requisite firearms swag, once it goes live and becomes purchasable.

    Whichever side of the fence you fall on, US Palm lover or CAI condemner and XTech supporter, this ongoing saga should continue to prove interesting. Will US Palm’s resurgence grow and bring a new crop of time-tested old favorites back to the AK game? Will they face difficulty and consumer backlash from potential buyers who have soured because of their perceptions about the legal action? Of course, only time will tell. Whether you opt to bring any of the famed waffle-and-tread mags with you or not, I’ll see you at the range!


    All photos courtesy of US Palm.
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