Recall Alert: Accurate Recall Issued on 2495, 4064 and 4350 Powders

    Accurate Recall

    Reloaders should be aware that there is an Accurate Recall that has been issued for some reloading propellants. General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems Canada Valleyfield, Inc has determined a potential defect in certain lots of Accurate Powders. Reloaders should take extreme precautions if they use or have recently used Accurate 2495, 4064 or 4350 propellents. Accurate has issued a Recall for these powders for the following lot numbers.

    Accurate Recall

    Accurate Recall – The lot Numbers above are the lots affected. Make sure to check your powder containers to ensure your ammunition hasn’t been affected.

    Accurate Recall Implications

    Accurate has stated that the reason for the recall is as follows: The storage of these powders can or may result in combustion, fire damage and /or possible serious injury or property damage. Some signs of degradation of your powders may include container or lid deformation, discoloration of the containers in the lid area or presence of red fumes when the container lid is opened. Also, the presence of a strong acidic odor can be a sign of degradation as well.

    Again to provide the most comprehensive coverage to ensure the safety of the reloading community, I’ll bullet point the affected lots below:

    Accurate Recall – Affected Lots

    The following lots produced prior to October 1st, 2016 and packaged under the Accurate Brand name are affected:

    • Accurate 4064 Lots 2 through 16
    • Accurate 2495 Lots 2 through 17
    • Accurate 4350 Lots 2 through 22

    All lots with those numbers that fall into either the 8lb or 1lb container sizes are considered to be at risk from Accurate Powders. You can find your lot numbers either in a box on the back of the label or as a sticker on the bottom of the container.

    Accurate Recall

    Accurate Recall – You can find your lot numbers located either on a printed label on the side or by a sticker on the bottom of the container. – DO NOT RELOAD with any powders that are affected by this recall

    What should you do if you have an affected lot?

    If you find that you have an affected lot of powder you can follow the following steps to ensure safe transport and or handling of the powder.

    1. Immediately fill the container with water – This will render the product inert and safe for disposal
    2. Notify Western Powders Inc. You will need to call them at 406-234-0422 or email them at [email protected]. After you have notified them they will give you instructions on photographing your affected bottle of propellant that shows the lot number at which point they will provide refund information.
    3. Lastly, if you find that you have an affected lot of propellant, you should absolutely NOT LOAD any ammunition with that powder.
    Accurate Recall

    Accurate Recall

    While reloading is a fun hobby and can be very rewarding, it does contain its inherent risks and we must remain vigilant. Accurate powders are doing its best to contain the use of this malfunctioning powder by issuing this recall. For further information, please visit the Accurate powder website where you can find any and all contact information regarding your powders.

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