Guinness World Record: 14,167 Clay Targets Shot by 5-Person Team within 12-Hour Time Frame

    Well, it turns out there is a Guinness World Record for most clay targets shot within 12 hours by a 5-person team. And a team lead by the CZ-USA pro shooter Dave Miller (a.k.a. Clay Killer Miller) just recently broke the old record and set a new one. I learned about it from the Aguila Ammunition press release which you can read below.

    LENEXA, KANSAS – October 18th, 2019 – Congratulations on an incredible feat!  On October 12, 2019, Aguila Ammunition pro-shooter and CZ-USA Shotgun Product and Special Event Manager Dave Miller and his team, set a new Guinness World record for most sporting clays shot in a 12-hour time frame by a 5-person team.

    The original Guinness record for most sporting clays shot in 12 hours by a 5-person team was 4,602 targets.  The team blew that record away in just 4 hours and 16 minutes.  They continued to set a new Guinness World record by shooting 14,167 targets in 12 hours!

    “Thanks to Aguila Ammunition for providing a premium quality shot shell,” says Miller. “My team and I fired 20,425 of their 12-gauge 1oz 1,275fps target loads over the 12-hour period and had zero misfires.  This is a true testament to the quality of their products, now they can officially say they have a world record setting shot shell”.

    The 5-Person team consisted of:

    Dave Miller – Aguila Ammunition pro-shooter and CZ-USA Shotgun Product and Special Event Manager

    Jessica Strasser – Waterford, Wisconsin

    Levi Henrichs – Sibley, Iowa

    Makayla Scott – White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

    Weston Zolck – Herman, Nebraska

    The four youth shooters were selected based on an essay they wrote to CZ-USA and had previously participated in a competitive shotgun shooting qualifier event.

    Aguila Ammunition was proud to be one of the sponsors for the event.

    Guinness World Record 14,167 Clay Targets Shot within 12 Hours by 5-Person Team (2)

    Aguila competition ammo – 12 gauge, 1 oz of #7-1/2 shot (available also loaded with #8 shot) with a muzzle velocity of 1,275 fps.


    Probably the most known shotgun trick shooters and record-setters are Gould Brothers. I wonder what results they could achieve if they teamed up with three other exhibition shooters and attempted to break this record.

    Let us know in the comments section what gun-related Guinness World Records would you like to see.

    Images by Aguila Ammunition

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