Definitive Arms DASA Remington 700 Chassis

    I am not sure how but the Definitive Arms DASA flew under our radar. I only recently discovered this thanks to my friend Vic at Spartan Rifles. I know of Definitive Arms as makers of some phenomenal AKs. Due to having an FFL SOT they get to play with machine guns. But if you told me they were making chassis for bolt guns? I wouldn’t believe you. Well, I am wrong.

    The Definitive Arms DASA chassis has some interestingly unique features that I do not find on Remington 700 chassis. Let’s start at the front of the chassis. The DASA uses AR-15 free float handguards. Say what??? I am as confused as you. Talking to my friend Vic at Spartan Rifles it is a simple yet clever solution. The barrels use Savage style barrel nuts but rather than make a standard Savage barrel nut, Chase at Definitive Arms made his barrel nut have the same exterior dimensions as an AR-15 upper receiver so it can accept any AR-15 barrel nut.

    DASA pistol in .300blk

    As we move toward the rear, the DASA chassis can accept standard Remington 700 spring floor plates or the Definitive Arms bottom metal to use with AICS style magazines.

    Take a look at the grip position. That is rather different from your standard run of the mill Remington 700 chassis. The grip is higher and further back. The few chassis that I have seen typically position the pistol grip in the same location as an AR with regards to the trigger guard.

    As you may have noticed in the photos or in the video above, the DASA has a folding stock.

    As Tim from MAC pointed out in his video, the DASA positions the stock much higher which lowers the bore axis. Partially I think this is also so the stock is positioned similar to an AR-15 in relation to the top rail. Look at the photo above. The rifle is using a BCM handguard which is timed to a raised rail on the Remington 700 receiver. This looks more like an AR-15 height over bore. Also if you look carefully at the photo above, there is a single point QD sling hole just above the trigger. Chase designed this so you could carry the DASA on a single point sling.

    At the moment it seems Definitive Arms is out of DASA guns and chassis. When I first met Chase and learned about his company at Big 3 East media event, he has a constant problem of people wanting his products but he can only make so many and the demand is greater than his production capabilities. It is a good problem to have. I hope he makes more because this chassis is different in a good kind of way.

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