Custom Smith Manufacturing Forward Cant VFG

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    Custom Smith Manufacturing has released a vertical foregrip that has a bit unusual 10-degree forward cant. Thanks to that angle and its overall appearance, this VGF resembles the front grip of the Steyr TMP or B&T TP9/MP9.

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    If you always liked the design of TMP/TP9/MP9 grip, now you can have it on any of your firearms that have a standard straight bottom Picatinny rail section or a provision to attach one. When installed, the Forward Cant VFG occupies 4 Picatinny rail slots. This grip also has a built-in finger stop and an internal compartment.

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    The MSRP of Custom Smith Manufacturing Forward Cant VFG is $59.95.

    It is important to note that his accessory is not an angled foregrip. The company actually calls it a vertical forward grip and in the description on their website, they clearly point out that “This is a VFG and all NFA rules apply to it as a VFG“. Well, technically, this grip has quite a substantial 10-degree angle but I guess by declaring it a VFG the company tries to keep themselves and their customers away from possible legal issues and avoid balancing on a knife-edge.

    If you do a little research you’ll see that an exact ATF definition of vertical foregrip doesn’t really exist. In one letter they described the vertical foregrip as a 90-degree angled one in relation to the bore axis. One can assume that any deviation from 90 degrees should make it an angled grip? Such an assumption seems to make sense however if it is intuitive or reasonable it doesn’t necessarily mean it is legal too. Now, I am far from being a US firearms legislation expert and all I do is speculate. Tell us in the comments section what do you think about this matter. And, as many people would advise you, don’t ask ATF such questions – don’t poke the bear.

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