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    Wilson Combat has added new targets to their product line called Scorable Steel Targets. You have probably noticed that these targets are a bit different than your standard steel targets. They feature laser-cut dashed circles which are the score zones. The main advantage of Scorable Steel Targets is that not only you can have the audible feedback of engaging the target, but thanks to the outlined score zones, you can also analyze your shot placement and calculate your scores.

    Now, of course, you can paint circles on a standard steel target by hand or using a stencil, but then every time repainting the target you’ll need to draw the score zones over. With Wilson Combat targets, things get simpler in that you can just spray paint over the impact marks and you have a fresh target with the score zones still there. Some of the other benefits of these targets are described in the below-embedded video.


    Here is another video where Bill Wilson and Ken Hackathorn discuss the design and development of Scorable Steel Targets.

    Wilson Combat Scorable Steel Targets are available in Silhouette and Oval shapes. As seen in the videos, the Silhouette target with two scoring zones and the neck line provides an entire scoring system that will allow practicing a variety of different drills. The benefit of the Oval target with only a circle outlined in the middle compared to just a standard circular steel target is probably the possibility to identify the location of missed shots.

    The Scorable Steel targets are made of 3/8″ AR500 steel and they are rifle rated. The targets are available separately or as assemblies that include the stands. The assembly breaks down to three pieces (target head, upright post, and base) which makes it easier to transport it. The target plates are mounted via heavy-duty 1/2″ hardened bolts. The dimensions of the Silhouette target are 12″x21″ with 7″ diameter of the large circle and a 4″ head scoring zone. The Oval target’s dimensions are 10″x14″ and its score zone circle has a 7″ diameter.


    The MSRP of Wilson Combat Scorable Steel Silhouette and Oval target plates is $99.95 and $84.95 respectively. The target/stand assemblies cost $140 more than the plates – $239.95 and $224.95.

    Images from www.wilsoncombat.com

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