True Velocity Shows the 6.8mm Composite-Cased Cartridge of General Dynamics NGSW Submissions

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    True Velocity has published a press release confirming that their 6.8mm composite-cased ammunition has been selected to the next phase of the US Army’s NGSW program as the cartridge of General Dynamics’ firearm submissions. Moreover, they showed their actual NGSW cartridge. As my colleague Matthew Moss noticed, the press release also revealed an interesting fact that Beretta is a partner of General Dynamics in this project.

    Earlier we reported about the introduction of the True Velocity composite-cased ammunition and their partnership with General Dynamics. This ammunition has a metal base that is integrated with the polymer body. All the True Velocity cartridges that were shown before were replicating the external dimensions of their brass counterparts. However, the NGSW submission has a different design of shoulder and neck areas. As you can see, instead of a traditional shoulder and neck, the case has a rather small step from the case body to the bullet. I assume that step is designed to provide a headspacing point. I think the bullet should be supported inside the case. This design should be more reliable due to the elimination of a conventional case shoulder and neck which arguably has been the weakest point of polymer cased cartridges.

    To me, the benefits that can be possibly gained by adopting polymer cased ammunition such as the weight savings, cost-effectiveness, low heat conductivity, increased corrosion resistance, are truly a step forward in the ammunition design and I think one of these polymer cartridges will become the choice of US Army. This is just this author’s prediction and only the time will tell what becomes the Army’s ultimate choice.

    True Velocity 6.8mm Composite-Cased General Dynsmics NGSW (2)

    Below you can find the full text of True Velocity’s press release:


    GARLAND, TX – True Velocity composite-cased ammunition has been selected for the U.S. Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) modernization program. True Velocity’s 6.8mm composite-cased cartridge was submitted as part of an overall NGSW weapon system in partnership with General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems and firearm manufacturer Beretta Defense Technologies.

    True Velocity’s proprietary 6.8mm case design will provide end users with significant logistical and operational advantages over traditional brass-cased ammunition, including substantially increased effective range and muzzle energy, drastic reduction in cartridge weight and enhanced accuracy. The combination of True Velocity’s ammunition with the General Dynamics OTS weapon submission results in a state-of-the-art weapon system capable of long-range lethality, short recoil impulse, significant ballistic improvements and enhanced operational effectiveness for the soldier.

    “True Velocity’s 6.8mm composite case design produces a level of performance, consistency and efficiency never before seen in small arms ammunition,” said Chris Tedford, president and chief operating officer for True Velocity. “Combining True Velocity’s innovation and technology with the expertise of General Dynamics OTS and Beretta results in a weapon system solution that exceeds NGSW requirements and provides the U.S. Army with a definitive edge on the field of battle.”

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