[TriggrCon 2019] Hit the Range Running! Strike Industries GRIDLOK Handguards

Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak

TriggrCon is meant to be an annual gathering of innovative, forward-thinking, and tactical brands proudly showing off their ‘wares for the firearms community to drool over (that may not be the mission statement for TriggrCon, but you get the idea). So obviously Strike Industries, one of the shooting community’s premier tactical accessory manufacturers, was going to be in attendance at TriggrCon 2019! They brought with their newly unveiled Gridlok handguards that are highly modular, come in an array of colors, and are constructed in varying lengths for a multitude of AR builds.

The Gridlok handguard is something that Strike Industries alluded to in previous SHOT Shows, but they have spent their time refining it down to the simple beauty we now get to behold. While many fans of Strike Industries can become impatient when we are given teasers of cool things soon to come this one was worth the wait. It is one of the most encompassing and feature-heavy handguards AR lovers have had the opportunity to use.

After 2 years of research and development, we are proud to announce the arrival of our GRIDLOK Handguard for the AR Platform. Our First Quick Detachable MLOK Handguard featuring full modular colorways with integrated backup sights, built in Picatinny mounts, and a spring loaded detach lever for the QUICKEST rail removal process ever.

There are a cascade of desirable properties on the Gridlok handguards that shooters will appreciate. Once your new Strike Industries barrel nut is installed (included with Gridlok handguard) you can easily install and remove your handguard with the simple flip of a latch. You also have an integrated front sight that discreetly folds down into the top rail. The rest of the attributes of the Gridlok can be read below as presented by Strike Industries:

  • Quick Rail Detach removing the Rail Housing from the Barrel Nut
  • QD Locking Lever features Tightness Adjustment
  • Barrel Nut Shroud & Front Rail (Top & Bottom) is Modular & Customizable
  • NEW Barrel Nut Material using 7250 Anodized Aluminum vs. Traditional Steel
  • Integrated Front Sight & QD Mount
  • Front Top Rail can be removed to accommodate A2 Sight Set-Up
  • RailLok can accommodate Picatinny 1913 & M-LOK Accessories
  • Alignment Set Screws to Center the Rail on to the Firearm Platform
  • Internal Rail Clearance of 40.5mm (accommodates Strike Industries Oppressor Blast Shield)

These handguards come in 4 different, common lengths for shooters to pick from. Between those varying lengths, you can purchase a Complete Unit, a Handguard Rail Body (ready to insert your favorite color hardware), or you can buy your Gridlok Modular Colored Parts. The price for Gridlok Modular Colored Parts is $149.95 across the board, and a Rail Body varies from $65 – $135. The retail pricing for Complete Units can be read below:

These Strike Industries Gridlok handguards are now available on their website – the Complete Unit, Rail Body, and Gridlok Modular Parts. We have not seen anything quite this modular, easy to assemble, and attractive wrapped into one package before. The pricing seems pretty fair for what they are bringing to the table as well. The most important thing though is what do shooters and consumers like yourself think? Is this a handguard you would be willing to put on one of your firearms? Are their other properties or features you would like to see incorporated into it as well? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

Adam Scepaniak
Adam Scepaniak

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