Rottigni Officina MEccanica (ROME) Buys Back VICTRIX Armaments Brand from Beretta

    Rottigni Officina MEccanica (ROME) Buys Back VICTRIX Armaments from Beretta

    Victrix Armaments, an Italian brand of precision long-range rifles, has announced on their social media pages that another Italian company called Rottigni Officina MEccanica (ROME) bought the Victrix brand from Beretta. The Victrix Armaments brand used to belong to ROME and was sold to Beretta in 2016. The sum of the deal is not disclosed.

    Rottigni Officina MEccanica (ROME) Buys Back VICTRIX Armaments from Beretta

    The logo of Rottigni Officina MEccanica

    Here is the full announcement text that was published by Victrix:

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

    17th July 2019
    ROME – Rottigni Officina Meccanica buys back Victrix

    Agreement signed with Beretta, which bought the brand at the end of 2016. The two companies will keep cooperating in the Military & Law Enforcement industry

    Rottigni Officina Meccanica has regained back the control of the Victrix Armaments brand. The turning point after the company based in Cazzano Sant’Andrea (Bg) and its CEO, Giuseppe Valtorta, has reached an agreement with Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta located in Gardone Val Trompia (Bs) to buy the brand back – created in 2015 – for the production and distribution of rifles for sports and Defense & Law Enforcement industry, bought by Beretta at the end of 2016.
    The cooperation between Rottigni Officina Meccanica and Beretta doesn’t stop, however. The Gardone giant keeps managing the exclusive distribution of Victrix Armaments rifles for M&L.E., while Rottigni keeps on developing and manufacturing new models as well as taking care of the civil and sports market through its own distribution network.
    Rottigni Officina Meccanica will move on the market with two brands: ROME (, dealing with the designing and marketing of accessories for precision shooting, and Victrix Armaments (, a brand for which a far-reaching development plan is ongoing and will lead from 2020 to the launch of new product lines for sports and professional market.

    ROME is specialized in manufacturing precision equipment and accessories with a 50-year experience in the field. The company’s facility occupies a 3,000 square meter area (about 32,000 square feet). It has 30 machines and 40 employees. According to the company, they own high-end equipment and machinery such as multi-axis CNC machines, EDM wire cutting equipment, testing and surface finishing equipment, etc. Currently, you can find on ROME’s website products like scope mounts, suppressors, bipods as well as a variety of accessories manufactured by the company. You can see the images of some of their main products below.

    Rottigni Officina MEccanica (ROME) Buys Back VICTRIX Armaments from Beretta 1 (1)

    Rottigni Officina MEccanica (ROME) Buys Back VICTRIX Armaments from Beretta 1 (2)

    Rottigni Officina MEccanica (ROME) Buys Back VICTRIX Armaments from Beretta 1 (3)

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