ISDEF 2019: A.C.S Industries Spring Loaded Magazine Pouch

    A.C.S Industries is an Israeli startup that has been successful in producing and selling a quick-deploy polymer grenade pouch wherein users simply unlatch and rip a grenade out of a polymer casing to immediately deploy it. At ISDEF 2019 they were demonstrating a similar concept in terms of a polymer STANAG magazine pouch design wherein the magazine is retained in the pouch by a catch that holds it against a spring-loaded follower that rests against the front of the magazine as it is encased in the housing. Pressing against an exterior trigger allows the magazine to be ejected out of the pouch and into a shooter’s hand. This might raise concerns about how ‘far’ the magazine will be ejected, but we were told that when fully loaded the magazine shoots out just enough to slightly pop out of the pouch allowing a shooter to grasp the magazine and then insert it in their rifle.

    -Miles V

    However, with an unloaded magazine, the pouch shoots the magazine out too quickly. The company is well aware of this issue and told us that the pouch is still in a prototype stage and will not come to market in this form yet.

    -Miles V

    The MOLLE or belt attachment loops can be configured in different angles so that the pouch can orientate straight up or at a slight angle to the left or right -Miles V

    We can see the spring loaded follower at the bottom of the pouch in this photograph – Miles V

    Currently, there is only a single variant of trigger direction and placement as the attachment loops and trigger appear not to be able to mount on opposing sides of the case.- Miles V

    Spring-loaded magazine pouches have previously existed with some companies experimenting with 40x46mm Low-Velocity grenades loaded into a MOLLE-mounted magazine that allows users to take out a single grenade from a common origin every time.


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