N-Vision Halo Bobro Mount

    The N-Vision Halo LR is the new hot thermal sight that a lot of hunters have switched to. Night Vision Outfitters posted a video on Facebook about the new N-Vision Halo Bobro mount. In the photo above, you can clearly see the factory ADM mount versus the Bobro mount.

    One of the major upgrades the Halo Bobro mount offers are the dual clamps compared to the single clamp on the ADM mount.

    underside of Halo Bobro mount

    Another benefit to the Halo Bobro mount is the fact that the clamps are self-adjusting. The new mount also has a lot more adjustability with regards to the position of the Halo. You can mount the Halo in a number of different locations to bring it closer or further away from your eye for a little more customization.

    Photos from Night Vision Outfitters IG

    Photos from Night Vision Outfitters IG

    The Bobro Engineering Pulsar Precision Optic Mount is precision CNC machined from a block of 6061 T6 aluminum and finished in hard coat type 3 mil-spec anodized black for a rock hard lasting finish.

    It is designed to work with the AR Platform as well as many other weapon styles.  This includes, but are not limited to, bolt action rifles, Mini-14, M14/M1A and AK Patterns.  By moving the mounting surfaces further forward than the factory mount, the user is able position the optic further back to ensure proper thermal optic eye relief, regardless of weapon platform.

    The Bobro mount system automatically adjusts to the correct tension for your rail surface.  There are no nuts or bolts to adjust, unlike other mount designs.  It’s all automatic.  It also has safety locks on each lever to ensure the mount isn’t accidentally disengaged.


    • N-Vision Optics Halo-LR Thermal Scope


    • Repeatable return to zero
    • 6061 T6 Aluminum Construction
    • Type 3 Hard coat black anodizing
    • Dual-Lever Design
    • Dual safety lock to prevent accidental removal
    • Lightweight
    • Adjustable eye relief
    • Automatically adjusts for rail variations
    • 1.6″ height from rail to thermal optic centerline
    • Works with bolt guns
    • Made in the USA!

    Model Number: BLR-000-005

    The Halo Bobro mount retails for $214.99 from Night Vision Oufitters.

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