Approach Shooting Technique Explained by Savage Arms

    Approach Shooting Technique Explained by Savage Arms

    I really like when large companies besides publishing product promotional and news content also come up with useful tips and drop knowledge bombs. These companies employ some of the industry’s most professional folks and I am sure any of them can produce such educational content like the recently published Savage Arms video where Patrick Kelley explains the offhand shooting technique called Approach Shooting.

    If you have ever tried shooting off hand, then I am sure you have noticed that your scope reticle or the iron sights don’t want to stay in place and wobble around the target. While being a totally normal phenomenon, it makes hitting the targets when shooting offhand (from standing position) quite a bit challenging. That’s why whenever you have a chance you should take a more stable stance and support the weapon. But what if you can’t do that and have to shoot offhand accurately at a relatively long range. That’s where the approach shooting technique may come in handy.

    Approach Shooting Technique Explained by Savage Arms

    The idea behind the approach shooting is that if you move your weapon and reticle, the wobble will disappear. When in motion, the weapon is steadier at any particular moment than when you try to hold it still. So by approaching with your reticle to the target from bottom or sides and breaking the shot when your crosshairs intersect with the target, you may get better results. Let’s watch the mentioned Savage Arms video.

    Do you practice this offhand shooting technique? Did you have positive results using the approach shooting? If you haven’t heard before about this technique, does it sound interesting to you? Would you give it a shot at your next range trip? Share your experience, thoughts and tips in the comments section.

    Images are taken from the Savage Arms video embedded in the article.

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