Correction: IDF Considering Compact DMR, Tavor 7 a Possibility

Matthew Moss
by Matthew Moss
Tavor 7 (IWI)

NOTE: We previously reported that the Tavor 7 might be fielded as a designated marksman rifle for the IDF. However, according to our source at IWI, the prior article we cited from the Jerusalem Post contained misleading wording with comments from IWI taken out of context. They have advised that there are no formal plans for the IDF to formally adopt the Tavor 7, at least not yet. While the IDF is considering a compact DMR and it seems that the Tavor 7 bullpup would fit the bill in that respect, the Tavor 7 has not been selected for fielding at this time. The below is a version of today’s earlier article that has been corrected to more accurately represented the present facts.

Might the Israeli Defence Force adopt the Tavor 7, in 7.62x51mm, as a designated marksman rifle? The Jerusalem Post reports that the IDF is considering the move to adopt a compact DMR. The Tavor family of bullpup rifles has been in Israeli service since the mid-2000s, with the 5.56x45mm X95 currently deployed.

The Tavor 7 was unveiled officially in 2018, but we got our first look at it in 2017 at AUSA 2017. At SHOT Show 2018 we got a proper look at the Tavor 7, and the Tavor 12 shotgun. With a 17 inch barrel and an overall length of 28.7 inches, the Tavor 7 weights 4.1kg or just over 9lbs unloaded. A 20-inch barrel version is also available. With the usual 12 o’clock Picatinny rail and also M-LOK attachment points the rifle also has ambidextrous controls. The Tavor 7 has a short-stroke gas piston, with a 4-position variable gas regulator. Swapping ejection on the Tavor 7 is simpler than other Tavors and requires no tools or replacement bolts.

IWI have also recently unveiled their new family of conventional rifles, the CARMEL. The CARMEL is currently only available in 5.56x45mm. You can find our article looking at the new IWI rifle which was showcased at the 2019 LAAD Defence & Security exposition in Rio de Janeiro. Check out the TFBTV’s look at the Tavor 7 here.

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