TFB Review: BOSS StrongBox 6 Month Review

    Over the last year and a half, there has been an increase in the number of vehicle burglaries among people I work with. Running my social media pages, I run into a ton of different people and become friends with people I otherwise wouldn’t have met.  Over the last year, I’ve had around 8-9 people I work with or know who have had their vehicles broken into and guns were stolen. One person who will remain anonymous, lost over $20,000 in firearms after a charity event because their vehicle was broken into. Now I would not be comfortable leaving a substantial amount of money in guns inside my truck unattended, but there are times you need space inside your vehicle to store a firearm.

    After months of researching and reviewing various companies, I finally decided to order a BOSS StrongBox pull out drawer for the back seat of my F-150. It’s a wide box that runs the full width of my truck bed and has room to hold two rifles and a few handguns. The box was originally designed to be used for the border patrol inside their vehicles and it doesn’t go past the back seats. It’s a very low profile option that bolts right into the frame of your back seats.


    • Model-  7126-7654 BOSS StrongBox pull out drawer
    • Weight: 180 lbs.
    • 54”W x 13”D x 5.75”H All Steel Construction
    • Constructed completely out of 16 ga cold-rolled steel.
    • Recessed drawer door in surround front design to eliminate pry points.
    • Welded and multi-return flanged drawer and surround front for extra strength.
    • Heavy duty full extension slides with cushioned positive in & out stops rated to support a load capacity up to 300 lbs.
    • Steel riveted structural hat-channels for extra strength along top of drawer enclosure, slide mounting points and pull out drawer bin.
    • Inside drawer steel divider.
    • 300-series stainless steel T-handle and housing surround designed specifically to defy forced entry by eliminating critical pry points, resists drilling, wrenching and other forms of physical attacks.
    • Hardened steel cover helps protect lock cylinder against drilling and pulling.
    • 3-Point latching system with 3/8” (.375”) diameter steel rods and 7 ga 300-series stainless steel pawl.
    • 1/4” (.250”) diameter D-rings on enclosure for multiple tie-down points.
    • Mounting holes inside bottom.
    • Price: $1,145.00

    Things I Love About The Box

    The biggest positive for the Boss StrongBox I have is how low profile it is in the truck. With the back seats folded down, the box can hardly be seen. Most people who ride in my truck don’t see it until I say something and usually say “Oh I didn’t even see it.”  The box is made of all steel and is bolted to the frame of my seats. There’s no real easy way to get the box out if someone is trying to steal it. I’m also a fan of the locking system as well. It has a three position lock inside the box along with flush fitting points. This makes it difficult to pry anything because there’s no space to get a crowbar into the openings.

    There’s enough space for an AR or two with extra magazines or a few handguns if you want to go to the range. It’s big enough to have space for anything gun related or not. I have put valuables inside that I don’t out in the open when I leave my truck. I’ve put my laptop, backpack, wallet and watch in there at times to make sure they are safe. Another great thing about the box is the fact I can park off campus from the school I work at and have a firearm in the truck for after school errands or being a first responder in case anything terrible like an active shooter event occurred. I’ve really enjoyed the box so far and I can see why the border patrol would use it as a vehicle safe.

    Negatives on the Box

    I think the BOSS StrongBox is a great security device for my truck. Honestly, though, I have found a couple of things out about the box over time. The one thing I found difficult was fitting an AR with a red dot and 30 round magazine into the box. I love that it fits under my backseat and sits completely flush. As a result, an AR with a red dot mounted and 30 round magazine will not fit into the box. To get around this I use SureFeed 20 round magazines instead so the gun will fit into the safe.

    Another minor issue I’ve been having is the tight tolerances of the drawer. When the box was new the pull out drawer did stick a little. It ended up being tight because the drawer was close to the outer shell. It only took a week or so to get worked over enough where it cleared every time and I no longer have an issue with it. I know it’s a very minor issue but it did require more effort to pull the drawer open than it does now.

    Overall Thoughts

    After my first six months with my BOSS StrongBox pull out drawer, I’m really happy with the box overall. It does have size constraints being inside the cab of the truck. They maximized the size of their pull out drawer with the dimensions of the back seat. I love the overall quality and tolerances of the box and would gladly purchase another one.

    Later this year, I plan on purchasing a larger pull out drawer for the bed of my truck. The larger drawers are great for putting guns and gear in the back for range days. I will continue to use my pull out drawer and let you guys know how it works overtime. Let me know what you guys think about having lockable storage units in your vehicle. If you have a question on anything feel free to send me a message on my Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there.

    I’m an avid shooter and love educating whether it’s at my job or in the shooting community. I’m an average joe that really loves talking with other people about firearms and other passions
    .I’m active on Instagram on @fridgeoperator @just_pistols @thedailyrifle.