Find your Range! NEW Bushnell Prime, Engage & Nitro Rangefinders

    Bushnell has been on a furious pace in the last year to innovate and re-create their brand with a flurry of new products. This has come in the form of new riflescopes, red dots, rangefinders, and many other shooting related components. With this has come 4 new series of products that essentially exemplify 4 different tiers of quality. The Prime series is your entry level, the Engage series is a step above that initial starting point, the Nitro series is your mid tier of quality and features, and finally the Forge series is the top tier. This summer we will get to see a bunch of NEW Rangefinders through their Bushnell Prime, Engage and Nitro series. Some of the traits that these NEW rangefinders will boast, according to Bushnell, can be read below:

    • 2x Brighter than Competitive Models in their Class
    • All-Glass Optical System
    • Enhanced LCD Display
    • 50% Larger Objective Lenses to let more Light in
    • Fully Multi-Coated Optics w/ Ultra-Wide Band Coating to provide Sharp, Clear Images
    • Bushnell Exclusive EXO Barrier Lens Coating ensures protection against the Elements
    • Enhanced, Ergonomic Design & Slimmed Down Housing w/ Comfortable Grip
    • Rubber Over-Mold ensures a Positive Grip

    At the moment, none of these are readily available, but they have a tentative release date of June 2019. Their prices float from $169.99 – $349.99 which we will discuss more below. Bushnell is pretty excited about the release of these new rangefinders and had this Press Release statement to share on the matter:

    Each of the new models are built with a proprietary algorithm to ensure quick, consistent readings. Plus, all of the new Prime, Engage and Nitro rangefinders feature a two-lens system—typically only found on more expensive models—along with a powerful laser diode for longer, more accurate ranging. With 6x magnification and up to two times the light transmission, the new Bushnell rangefinder class is clearly brighter in every way.

    bushnell prime 1300 & 1700 rangefinders

    There will be two new Bushnell Prime rangefinders coming out that are very similar, and only differ in the max yardage they can range. The Prime 1300 will be able to range reflective targets out to 1,300 yards while the Prime 1700 will range to 1,700 yards. Both of them will have a 24mm objective and 6x magnification. They also will utilize Bushnell’s ARC (Angle Range Compensation) with Rifle and Bow modes as well as Brush, Scan, and Bullseye targeting modes. The Prime 1300 and 1700 will respectively sell for $169 and 199.

    bushnell prime

    bushnell engage 1300 & 1700 rangefinders

    The Bushnell Engage 1300 and 1700 rangefinders set to debut this summer will be able to range reflective targets respectively out to 1,300 and 1,700 yards.They can also range non-reflective targets out to 400 yards for the Engage 1300 and 500 yards for the Engage 1700. Similar to the Prime rangefinders, they will have a 6x24mm configuration; ARC technology for Rifle and Bow modes; and targeting modes for Brush, Scan, and Bullseye. The Bushnell Engage 1300 and 1700 will retail for $256 and $298 respectively.

    bushnell prime

    bushnell nitro 1800 rangefinder

    The final rangefinder that Bushnell is set to release in June is the Nitro 1800. This rangefinder will be priced at $349.99 with even more features than the previous 4 possibly combined. It will be able to range non-reflective targets out to 800 yards, and reflective targets out to 2,000 yards. Similar to the Bushnell Prime and Engage previously mentioned, you also get their ARC Rfile and Bow modes as well as quite a bit more. Bushnell goes on to further explain that in detail below:

    Leading the pack, the new Nitro 1800 6x24mm takes all of the latest advances in laser rangefinders and packs them into a high-performance optic perfectly suited to long-range hunting or competition. With an Applied Ballistics engine, the Nitro 1800 can crunch bullet load and range data and effortlessly provide a perfect firing solution—while also communicating near-instantaneously through Bluetooth connectivity to the Bushnell Ballistics App. This combo will pair hold-over data to your preferred scope and reticle configurations for fast and easy hold-over or click adjustment.

    bushnell prime

    Between all 3 of these NEW Rangefinders coming out from Bushnell in less than a month, which one are you most excited about potentially seeing at a retail store or simply adding to your personal collection? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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