STOCK UP: SIG Sauer Small Parts Shopper For MCX And P365

    Small Parts Shopper

    SIG Sauer has launched the Small Parts Shopper for the MCX and P365 weapon platforms, allowing for owners to quickly and easily find and purchase previously difficult to find assemblies. The web pages are intuitive, using a graphical interface to search for small parts by visual comparison, a categorical listing by type as well as a simple search feature. In recent months, many users have been requesting access to small, hard to find parts to convert MCX weapons into different configurations. SIG has plans to expand the Small Parts Shopper system to other platforms in the near future.

    As you’ll see below, SIG offers owners a word of caution: parts purchased through the new picker may require more than just a simple field strip level of disassembly. So, when in doubt, consult with a professional gunsmith if you feel like you are getting in over your head.

    My personal MCX Rattler required a full detail strip before its Texas vacation to visit the professionals at Outlaw Anodizing for a spa treatment. The disassembly process was intuitive and required only a few roll pin punches and star drives over that standard set of hand tools. I’ll have a full writeup in a few weeks.

    P365 and MCX owners: take a look at the Small Parts Shopper information and links listed below and let me know your thoughts. I wish more manufacturers would make it easy to buy simple wear parts with a few clicks.

    STOCK UP: SIG Sauer Small Parts Shopper For MCX And P365

    • Purchase small parts for your P365 and MCX quickly and easily with our new online tool.
    • Intuitively navigate multiple levels for upper or lower components
    • Zoom in and out to narrow your purchasing options
    • Add to cart without leaving the shopping experience
    • Available soon for additional SIG SAUER pistols and rifles

    SIG SAUER P365 Parts Picker:

    SIG SAUER MCX Parts Picker:


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