Pietta Firearms Expands their 1873 Single Action Series

    If you’re in the market for a replica Old West cartridge revolver or a classic percussion pistol reproduction then you may be familiar with Italy’s Pietta Firearms. This year they’re expanding their line of Colt 1873 Single Action Army revolvers with half a dozen calibre options and 30 configurations available.

    Single Action 5 1/2 Nickel, Laser Engraved, Bat Masterson Model (Pietta)

    Here’s Pietta’s announcement:

    Pietta Firearms, manufacturers of the finest historical and modern firearms, known for its craftsmanship, quality and dependability announce its headlining new product of 2019, the 1873 Single Action series of firearms. As part of the company’s trending firearm initiative, Pietta is aggressively developing and offering to the U.S. market new, replica models and modern firearms and has continued to build a reputation for some of the best replica and innovative, modern firearms on the market. The 1873 SA Series is the next step in the company’s evolution.

    Since its first pistol debuted over 30 years ago, Pietta has been known for providing its customers with the most dependable and accurate replica firearms on the market, with the new 1873 SA series, the company is now providing the next series of historical firearms to answer the demands of the modern cowboy. Designed for long-lasting reliability & accuracy and able to easily interchange with the “old-west” originals, the 1873 SA Series from Pietta will undoubtedly become a classic.

    Single Action .22 LR 10 CC 4 3/4 Blued, Birdhead Walnut Grip (Pietta Firearms)

    “We pride ourselves on always staying ahead of the competition with our products,” said Alessandro Pietta, Vice President of Pietta Firearms. “All of us at Pietta have worked painstakingly hard to create the 1873 Series, we believe that this series will become a staple within our product line and we believe our customers will see the quality and accuracy after the first shot.”

    The 1873 SA Series can be considered some the most “true-to-original” firearms on the market. This series is available in 45LC, 357MG, 44/40W, 44MG, .22MG and .22LR and a multitude of design options.

    Find out more at Pietta’s site, here.

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