SILENCER SATURDAY #72: Hot Suppressed Lever Action!

    Suppressed lever action

    Good afternoon everyone and thanks for stopping in for some hot suppressed lever action on today’s edition of Silencer Saturday. Since my experience with leverguns is a sample size of one, I’m a bit of a fish out of water with the platform. Not to worry, there are plenty of experts out there that we can call on for more details in future coverage. Today we’ll talk about the basics, some commercial out-of-the-box options and silencer pairings and then point you towards some custom builders and ideas.

    Last week on Silencer Saturday we discussed suppressor height sights.

    SILENCER SATURDAY #72: Hot Suppressed Lever Action!

    I have been reviewing the Marlin 1894 CST for a few weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed it as a suppressor host. Remington has come under fire for quality control issues in the past decade, but it looks like they have found their sweet spot. Both the Model 7 KUIU and now this 1894 CST I’ve used seem to be very well made and function perfectly. Look a full review on the Marlin 1894 CST in the coming weeks.

    Let’s talk about the pros and cons of the levergun platform, not necessarily just as a silencer host, but from a long gun perspective in general:


    • No removable magazines (exceptions)
    • Quicker, easier to “top off”
    • Faster action work than bolt guns
    • Closed and locked action means quieter shots fro the shooter over semi auto platforms
    • ”Ban State” friendly
    • Diverse chambering options
    • Looks classic, less scary


    • No removable magazines (exceptions)
    • Slower reloads
    • Optics mounting a bit more complicated (XS Sights Rail review pending)
    • Threaded barrel options are limited.
    • Loading gate versus tube loading.
    • Not tactical; fewer accessory mounting options (exceptions)
    • Benchrest-style shooting is not as user friendly
    • Shortening barrels require a gunsmith and can reduce magazine capacity.

    Unfortunately, commercially available models with threaded barrels are few and far between. I’m honestly shocked that there are at least more threaded rimfire models available.

    Fortunately, there are experts out there that can help. Class 3 Machining can thread almost any barrel on the planet. And Mad Pig Customs offers first class lever action gunsmithing.

    Most veteran suppressor owners already know that short barrels and silencers go together like peanut butter and jelly. However, getting a short barreled levergun isn’t as easy as swapping a barrel on an AR15. In addition, cutting a barrel usually mean cutting a magazine tube, reducing ammo capacity. However, having a short, maneuverable rifle that accepts a suppressor might just make up for the downsides.

    For mounting, I used one of Hansohn Brothers thread on three lug devices to make a quick detach setup for my Omega  9K. You can buy  the three lug adapter, takedown tool and SilencerCo Omega 9K from them here, here and here.

    Just like all platforms, lever action rifles have their upsides and their downsides. I’m still exploring this pistol caliber setup, but I’m looking forward to my first .45-70 purchase in the new Marlin 1895 Dark.

    I’d like to hear from those who have suppressed leverguns in the past. What do you like? What don’t you like. Shoot me an email or drop comment below.

    Thanks for reading TFB. Be safe, have fun and we’ll see you next week.


    Honestly, at this point, I’m surprised that the market isn’t full of threaded-barrel rimfire leverguns. For all the reasons that users choose bolt action rimfire hosts, lever action rifles perform just as well if not better in some categories.

    Henry Frontier 24” Suppressor Ready

    • Barrel Length: 24″
    • Barrel Type: Octagon Blued Steel
    • Rate of Twist: 1:16
    • Overall Length: 42.5″
    • Weight: 7.00 lbs.
    • Receiver Finish: Black
    • Rear Sight: Fully Adj. Semi-Buckhorn w/ Diamond Insert
    • Front Sight: Brass Bead
    • Scopeability: 3/8″ Grooved Receiver
    • Scope Mount Type: N/A
    • Stock Material: American Walnut
    • Buttplate/Pad: Plastic
    • Length of Pull: 14″
    • Safety: 1/4 Cock
    • Best Uses: Target/Hunting
    • Embellishments/Extras: Suppressor Ready. 1/2×28 (Class3A) Threads. .400″ length.
    • $527

    Silencer pairing suggestions:

    Dead Air Mask:

    • Rating: 22LR, 22MAG, 22 HORNET, 17 HMR, 5.7X28MM (FNH)
    • Length: 5.1″
    • Weight: 6.6 oz.
    • Diameter: 1.070″
    • Min. Barrel Length: No restrictions
    • Finish: Cerakote body
    • MSRP: $449

    Rugged Oculus 22

    • CALIBER: 22LR (Belt Fed Rated), 22 WMR, 17 HMR, 17 WSM, 5.7x28mm
    • DIAMETER: 1.06″
    • LENGTH:  Standard Configuration: 5.25″, Short Configuration: 3.25″
    • WEIGHT: Standard Configuration: 6.9oz; Short Configuration: 4.3oz
    • FINISH: Cerokote
    • Entirely 17-4PH Stainless Steel
    • 1/2×28 Direct Thread Mount
    • MSRP: $499.00


    Marlin 1894 CST – .38 Spc/.357 Mag

    • Available in 357 Mag/38 Spl.
    • 8-shot tubular magazine
    • Lever action with Wild- West Guns-style big loop lever; squared finger lever; side ejection; deeply blued metal surfaces; solid-top receiver; hammer block safety
    • Painted hardwood
    • 16 1⁄2’’ threaded stainless steel barrel with a satin finish
    • 1:16″ twist rate
    • XS ghost ring sights
    • 35″ overall length
    • 13 3/8″ length of pull
    • 6 1/2 lbs approximate weight

    Silencer pairing suggestions:

    SilencerCo Omega 9K


    • TOTAL LENGTH: 4.70”
    • WEIGHT: 7.2 oz
    • DIAMETER: 1.48″
      9MM: 131.5 dB
      .300 BLK SUB: 133.7 dB
      .300 BLK SUPER: 138.4 dB
    • MATERIALS: Stellite & Stainless Steel
      FINISH: Black, White, & FDE
      Black: SU1544
      White: SU2644
      FDE: SU2643
    • MSRP: $865


    Marlin 336 Dark Series – .30-30 Win

    • 30-30 Win.
    • 5-shot, full length tubular magazine
    • 16.25″ Barrel
    • Threaded muzzle – 5/8″x24
    • Parkerized finish on metal
    • Paracord Sling
    • XS Lever Rail with Ghost Ring
    • Black stock painted with black webbing
    • Big Loop Lever
    • Paracord wrapped lever
    • Overall Length: 34.5″
    • Approximate Weight: 7.65lbs
    • $949

    Silencer pairing suggestions:

    Dead Air Sandman S

    • Rating: 5.7X28MM (FNH), 17HMR, 17 HORNET, 22 HORNET, 5.56 NATO, 22-250 REM, .204 RUGER, .243 WIN, 6.5 CREEDMOOR, 6.8 SPC, 7.62 NATO, 7MM REM MAG, .30-06 SPRINGFIELD, 300 BLACKOUT, .300 WIN , 5.45X39MM,
    • Length: 6.8″
    • Weight: 17.7 oz
    • Diameter: 1.5″
    • Finish: Cerakote body, Nitrided Muzzle Device
    • Min. Barrel Length: No Restrictions
    • MSRP: $1,049

    YHM Resonator

    • Caliber: 30 Cal.
    • Overall Length: 7.825″
    • Diameter: 1.562″
    • Weight: 16 Oz.
    • Suppression Level: 135 dB on 20″ .308 Win
    • Material: 17-4 Ph SS and Heat Treated Inconel 718
    • Finish: Matte Black Cerakote
    • Method of Attachment: YHM-4302 Q.D. Flash Hider or Muzzle Brake
    • Rating: 17HMR through .300 RUM/.300 WIN MAG
    • Full Auto Rated: Full Auto Rated
    • $599

    Big Bore Leverguns For Hot Suppressed lever Action!

    Marlin 1895 Dark Series – .45-70

    • 45-70 Govt.
    • 5-shot, full length tubular magazine
    • 16.25″ Barrel
    • Threaded muzzle – 11/16″x24
    • Parkerized finish on metal
    • Paracord Sling
    • XS Lever Rail with Ghost Ring
    • Black stock painted with black webbing
    • Big Loop Lever
    • Paracord wrapped lever
    • Overall Length: 34.5″
    • Approximate Weight: 7.65lbs
    • $949

    Compatible Silencers:

    Bowers Vers 458

    • WEIGHT: 23oz
    • LENGTH: 11.25″
    • DIAMETER: 1.75″
    • RATINGS: .17 HMR, .17 WSM, .22 LR, .22 MAG, .22 TCM, .45, 22 Hornet, 300 Blackout, 45 Raptor, 45/70, 450 Bushmaster, 458 SOCOM, 5.7 FN, 6.8 SPC, 9 mm

    SilencerCo Hybrid


    • CALIBER COMPATIBILITY – Pistol: 9MM to 45 ACP – Rifle: 5.56 NATO to 45 – 70 GOV
    • TOTAL LENGTH: 7.80″
    • WEIGHT: 17.3 oz
    • DIAMETER: 1.57″
    • MUZZLE AVERAGE: 9MM: 125.7 dB
      45 ACP: 130.8 dB
      5.56 NATO: 130.4 dB
      7.62MM: 136.4 dB
      458 SOCOM: 138.3 dB
      45-70 GOV: 140.6 dB
      300 BLK: 123.7 dB
    • MATERIALS: Titanium, Stellite, & Stainless Steel
    • FINISH: Sniper Grey, Black, White, & FDE
    • SKU: Sniper Grey: SU1532
      Black: SU2271
      White: SU2642
      FDE: SU2641
    • MSRP: $999

    SILENCER SATURDAY #72: Hot Suppressed Levergun Action!

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