Whats The Best Way To Carry A Spare Magazine?

    I often get questions from people about the best way to carry a spare magazine. I’ve struggled to find what works for me, but there are a few different ways of carrying a spare magazine concealed.  Before I started trying out different carry options, I use to carry a spare magazine in my pants pocket. This was never a great idea, and was always in a different position than when I put it in my pocket. The biggest issue with just carrying in your pocket is the fact rounds will come unseated out of the magazine. You’ll end up with a pile of random rounds in your pocket instead of being inside your magazine. And it isn’t ideal from a training or muscle memory standpoint either.

    Different Types of Magazine Carriers

    There’s a few different ways to carry a spare magazine depending on how your dressed or what you prefer. The first way is outside the waistband in a kydex or leather magazine carrier.  I personally use the ANR Design magazine carriers. This is one of the more comfortable options, and makes it fairly easy to carry around a magazine all day. The downside to an outside the waistband magazine carrier is the ability to conceal. It adds a little bit of bulk to your side and tends to stick out when you’re wearing summer clothing. Having an outside the waistband magazine carrier during colder months of the year is a great option because you can add layers. I love carrying outside the waistband but the weather conditions have to be right for you to carry concealed.

    An option for carrying a magazine anytime of the year would be carrying a magazine in an inside the waistband magazine carrier. These are just like an IWB holster for a gun but it’s just for a spare magazine. They are easier to conceal and can be configured anywhere on the body and gives the user options to carry where its most comfortable. I enjoy carrying inside the waistband when I have an undershirt on. I have had the magazine rub my side raw a few times with no undershirt, but its not a deal breaker for me.

    A Third option to carry your magazine would be using a newer product called the NeoMag which is a magnetic clip that works similar to a knife clip. The NeoMag clips onto your pants and the magnetic strip will hold your spare magazine in place. It’s a simple yet effective way to carry your spare magazine, and I personally enjoy carrying with my NeoMag.

    Overall Thoughts

    There are a few great options for carrying a spare magazine concealed and each one has its own benefits. My personal favorite lately has been the NeoMag because its simple to wear and effortless. Personally, I use all three depending on what I decide to wear and what gun I carry on that day. I have my own favorite which is the NeoMag as of lately. I would say give all three a try and see what works best for you. It’s important not to carry your magazine bouncing around in your pocket unsecured. If you guys have a favorite way to carry your spare magazines feel free to leave a comment below. Stay safe out there.

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