Concealed Carry Corner: All Season Guns VS Three Season Guns

    When someone walks into a gun shop looking at their first firearm for concealed carry, it can be intimidating. The firearms market is full of great carry options for people. Over time people usually find what works best for them. When I worked behind the gun counter trying to help people find a concealed carry gun they were happy with, I always broke it down into two categories.

    What is All Season Carry?

    The first category would be considered All-Season Guns, or firearms anyone could pick up and carry whether it is 40 degrees out and cloudy or sunny and 75. These guns are typically smaller sized firearms that are subcompact or micro-sized guns. I usually throw the Glock 43, SIG Sauer P938, P365, XDS, and Shield into this category. These guns are all easy to conceal and comfortable to carry but don’t pack much when it comes to capacity. Where these lack in capacity, they make up for in weight and ease of carrying. These guns are EXTREMELY easy to carry all day. Your true die-hard gun guys will even say it’s the lazy man’s carry option, but to that, I say it’s better to be armed than leaving your gun home.

     What’s Considered Three Season Carry 

    The second category I put guns into is called the Three Season Guns. These handguns are typically full-size guns or larger compacts like the Glock 17s, M&Ps, XDs, SIG’s full size 320, P226 and guns around that size. I consider these guns three season guns simply because they are larger framed guns. It’s tough to conceal them when it’s the hot days of summer. These bigger framed handguns are usually better suited for the Fall, Winter, and Spring months. These months you tend to wear more layers and can conceal full-size guns much much easier. I know many people really enjoy carrying outside the waistband during the colder months because it’s more comfortable and a coat will conceal a lot more than a thin T-shirt during the summer.

     Picking What’s Best For You

    Now don’t get me wrong, there are always exceptions to the rules and this one is no different. The Glock 19, for example, is a great example where people tend to carry it all year round, even though it holds 15 rounds and is a bit larger than single stack compact handguns. People will find ways to conceal their favorite firearm and to that, I say go for it! Try new options and holster options. Having a good holster will solve a ton of issues you have simply because a really high-quality holster will give the person carrying more support and comfort. I typically go with ANR Design as my go-to holster maker, because they make incredible holsters that last.

    If you consistently carry the same loadout, you typically have more confidence in your ability to carry the firearm. It also helps the shooter not to stress about actually carrying the gun. My biggest piece of advice for someone is to get the actual guns in your hand and try them out. If it feels great to shoot and the ergonomics fit your hand then I would say go for it!

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