[NRA 2019] Trijicon’s Brand New SRO Optic

    Trijicon released their brand new SRO optic last week. They came out with the SRO as a response to their RMR having a small field of view and limiting the shooter’s sight picture. This was one of the bigger items that people were talking about over the weekend in the industry.

    The Specs

    The new SRO takes the base of an RMR and changes things up. One of the biggest differences from the RMR series is the top loading battery. The RMR is designed to take batteries from the bottom of the optic which meant you had to take the optic off to change out the battery. Once the battery is changed, the shooter typically had to zero the optic again. The SRO fixes this issue with a top loading battery so people no longer need to take the optic off their weapon to change the battery. Trijicon is also saying the battery life is typically around three years on certain settings. The new SRO is available in 3 reticles including 1. MOA, 2.5 MOA, and 5.0 MOA.

    The biggest difference between the SRO and RMR is the larger field of view with a larger lens. I was impressed with how open the sight felt with still looking durable like its little brother the RMR. There are also 8 brightness settings which are mostly day settings and 2-night vision modes as well. There is also a new Lock Out mode where the shooter can lock their preferred brightness setting indefinitely without messing with the settings. The SRO will be compatible with suppressor height sights and fits most of the optics ready systems on current pistols.

    Overall Thoughts

    Overall I was really impressed with the SRO. I like how much larger the field of view is on the optic and I think it will definitely be successful as a pistol and PDW optic in today’s market. The top-loading battery makes life much easier for shooters when they need to swap batteries. I will really enjoy being able to change batteries without having to re-zero the optic every time. I’m really looking forward to running one on a pistol or PDW of mine and let you guys know my thoughts. Let me know what you guys think of this new optic below. Stay safe out there.

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