[NRA 2019] A Pig & a Folding Blaster! NEW KSA Warthog Chassis & “My First Shotgun”


    As if Keystone Sporting Arms (KSA) bringing their Mini Mosin Nagant youth rimfire rifle to the NRA Show would not draw enough attention, if you journeyed further into their booth you found more surprises that are not listed on their website. They will soon be unveiling a Warthog pistol chassis for people to drop 10/22 actions into. They also have been working on a single-shot shotgun that folds into a backpack. Both niche items are incredibly cool in their own right, and we will take a look at each of them.

    keystone sporting arms warthog 10/22 drop-in pistol chassis

    This is something really interesting because it exploits most people’s love of large frame pistols (AR pistols, handgun chassis, etc.) and people’s infatuation with cheap ammo in rimfire. If you happen to own a 10/22 barreled action, you can simply drop it into this new chassis from KSA. This product is so new that it is not listed on the Keystone website, and even though we spoke with them in person they do not have an MSRP at the moment.

    The Warthog chassis on display at the NRA Show was a 3-D printed model. The actual models that will go on sale sometime soon will be made of aluminum, have a more even colored finish, and be much lighter (as a result of the aluminum construction).


    keystone sporting arms “my first shotgun” single-shot, folding .410 gauge

    While the name and related description to the Keystone Sporting Arms “My First Shotgun” is a mouthful, it is honestly an incredibly compact shotgun. The mission KSA set out on while creating this firearm in conjunction with Midland Arms was to… “create the lightest recoiling .410 Gauge possible.” That is paraphrasing from speaking with the good folks at KSA, but you get the idea.

    Not only does it fold up small enough to fit in a backpack, but they want it to have so little recoil that you could put an egg between your shoulder and the stock and it would not break. The reason for that seemingly impossible task is KSA wants a shotgun that recoils so little that no youth shooter would fear trying the shooting sports because of recoil.


    It is a really noble venture by Keystone Sporting Arms to create a shotgun that recoils so gently it would not break an egg. Hopefully they succeed once this hits the market! Unfortunately at this time, they do not have an MSRP or a hard date as to when this will become available.

    So what do you think? Is the KSA Warthog Chassis something you would try with a 10/22 barreled action you have? Does the KSA “My First Shotgun” have you intrigued to the point where you would open your wallet for one for a younger shooter? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.


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