[NRA 2019] Beretta 92X and APX Carry

    At the Beretta booth, there were a few different examples of new guns from Beretta. The booth was often busy with people waiting in line to look at both new pistols but they were well worth the wait to check out the newest examples Beretta has to offer.

    The 92X

    Beretta has released the 92X as a high-end competition model of the 92 series. There are several changes from the traditional 92 series. The first immediate difference when you pick up the 92X compared to others in the line up was the weight and craftsmanship. This gun has a steel frame rather than aluminum and the Brigadier slide adds weight but it makes the gun feel extremely well built. The weight does add up though to over 47 ounces unloaded. It also has a skeletonized hammer, front cocking serrations, and an upgraded trigger. The trigger weight is around 6.5 ounces for double action and 3.5 for single action with an insanely quick reset.

    The other large difference between the 92X and regular guns is the safety selector. On a traditional 92, the safety is slide mounted that has a decocker built into the gun. Beretta decided to delete the decocker option and mount a thumb safety just like a 1911. It’s quick to disengage and seems easier to use than the traditional slide mounted safety. The overall gun has aggressive checkering and the M9A3 frame cut makes the gun feel fantastic in the hand. I will try to get an example at the range to write up a review for you guys in the future.

    The APX Carry

    When I picked up the APX, I was honestly surprised by how small the gun really was. It was very thin in the hand and felt like a smaller version of the Walther PPS. Many people have been grumbling that it is a single stack rather than a modified or double stack. It’s hard to make something compete with the P365 but I think the APX will be a contender in the market because its lightweight and compact. The gun had a nice contour to my hand and had a nice balance to it. I think the smaller style combined with the APX’s unique slide serrations add to the overall feel of the gun.

    This gun will compete in the market and is a much better concealed carry option over the Nano. The 8 round magazine gives the shooter a full grip on the handgun and with the 6 round magazine in its compact, but small for my big gorilla hands. I am curious to see how it shoots and will let you guys know when that happens. Overall I think the gun will find success in a competitive market because its small and easy to carry while being effective, If you guys want more technical specs go check out my initial release post and if you have questions feel free to leave them below. Stay safe out there.


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