[NRA 2019] Action Target – More Than Just Steel

    target games - photo by TFB

    photo credit – Action Target website

    Action Target is well known in the military and law enforcement worlds for manufacturing and supplying some of the best and most technologically advanced target range training systems on the planet.  Action Target builds ranges for our nation’s special forces and also for military units from allied nations. They have a pretty impressive clientele.  That being said, they also make static and reactive targets for the person looking to do backyard plinking with their kids.

    Double Helix Hangmaster – photo credit Action Target website

    AT has rimfire targets starting around eighteen dollars, dueling trees for $200.00, and things like the Double Helix Hangmaster for a little less than $1100.00.  They offer a very wide selection of paper targets with everything from cardboard backers to 25 meter zeroing targets to custom graphic targets supplied by the customer.  Action Target also produces their own line of remanufactured ammunition in all the popular pistol and rifle calibers.  Ammunition is only available to range owners. Suffice it to say, they have something for everyone.

    Ipad software used for operating moving target systems – photo by TFB

    What you may not realize about Action Target are the things they are doing for the environment. They have a program for ranges to be able to recycle their brass and metals for credit towards purchasing more targets or for upgrading physical components and technology. This program is already being well received by the over three hundred contracts they have nation-wide.

    Owners are held liable for the hazardous waste generated by their ranges.  Action target will work with range owners to remain in compliance with the EPA by picking up and disposing of HVAC and DCA filters.  These filters are used by indoor shooting ranges to trap potentially harmful lead dust from being breathed in by customers, and from being released out into the environment.

    For more information about any of the products or services Action Target offers, you can visit their website here. https://www.actiontarget.com

    photo by TFB


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