[NRA 2019] In-Ear Hearing Protection From Tactical Hearing

Richard L.
by Richard L.

Company Background

Tactical Hearing offers an innovative approach to high-end hearing protection for a variety of users. Whether you are involved in aviation, hunting, tactical training or a host of other loud activities, Tactical Hearing offers in-ear protection for your needs. Tactical Hearing focuses on a custom fit to the user’s ear.

Benefits of an In-Ear System

Often shooters use outside the ear hearing protection or “muffs”. Even the lower profile offerings are relatively large and bulky. They also can be negatively affected in their performance when the seal is broken. Jaw shape, hair, protective glasses or a host of other factors can result in less sound reduction.
Tactical hearing offers a low profile, in-ear solution to provide 31-35 dB of noise reduction. They are also programmed to customize the frequencies you want to focus on and enhance. Tactical hearing products resemble hearing aids in appearance.
Brighter colors make them much easier to find when dropped outdoors.

HD 8

Even with bright color options only the control side is visible and blends well with the ear for low profile use.
The HD8 is a popular model that offers 8 channels of digital hearing technology. Ratings boast up to 35 dB of noise reduction and 48 dB of power. Like with any other technology, the HD8s have an MSRP of $2800.


The T-4-16-HD is another popular model that was offered at the show. This model offers 16 channels of digital hearing and brags a high quality of digital sound and tinnitus masking technology. The T4-16 has an MSRP of $4,000. Tactical Hearing proudly offers discounts to support NRA members, Military and First Responders.

Other Models

While HD 8 and T-4-16-HD are some of the most popular models that were at the show, Tactical Hearing also has other models available online. Find more coverage on NRA 2019 with The Firearm Blog on our Instagram.
Richard L.
Richard L.

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