[NRA 2018] Sport Ear Electronic Hearing Protection

    What?  Sorry, I can’t hear you I’ve got hearing loss from all those years of shooting guns without hearing protection. If that sounds familiar then maybe it’s time to look at a set of electronic hearing protection inserts from Sport Ear Electronic Hearing Protection.

    Credit: Sport Ear

    Sport Ear started out as a hearing aid company.  They made full custom hearing enhancement aids for around eight thousand dollars. They saw an opportunity to bring their expertise to the outdoor, hunting, and shooting markets and charge a lot less.  The model I chose is the Custom 30.  It has $8000.00 worth of technology inside for an MSRP of $999.00.  Now before you stop listening because of the price, let me tell you what they offer.

    One of the issues with standard earmuffs is that many people can’t get a good cheek weld on their rifle due to the size of the muffs.  For the tactical operator, muffs can get in the way of a helmet or other gear. Another issue is that you can’t carry on a conversation, while wearing muffs, without screaming at each other.  In the competition setting the ability to hear range safety commands is extremely important.  For the tactical operator, the ability to hear teammates and even to enhance hearing in order to detect a hidden suspect could be vital.

    Sport Ear

    author getting molds done

    Sport Ear electronic inserts are molded to the user’s ear canal.  They begin by injecting a semi-liquid putty into the ear.  They allow this to “harden” for approximately 15 minutes and then they remove the now solid mold in the shape of your inner ear.  Sport Ear uses that mold to create the Custom 30 that can be used for everything from sporting events, to hunting, and the shooting sports, even the tactical environment.

    The Sport Ear Custom 30 reduces sound by 27 decibels and it enhances hearing by 10 times the normal human’s hearing ability.  No bulky muffs getting in the way of equipment or cheek weld, and now the hunter, competitor, or operator can carry on a normal conversation with others around them and even enhance low level sounds better than with the naked ear.

    Can you hear me now?  Get more information at https://www.sportear.com

    Joel W

    Ex Law Enforcement. Security consultant. Owner of the Precision Rifle Network. Long range shooter and competitor. Husband. Father.