United Sporting Companies NOT Going Bankrupt; Consolidating Warehouses

    united sporting companies

    There have been rumors circulating that United Sporting Companies (USC) was in bad trouble and could potentially be going bankrupt. To quench those rumors, USC has made a Press Release to announce that instead, they are consolidating warehouses in hopes to improve their efficiency and save on costs.

    The Press Release was first sent to dealers around the country who would be immediately affected by the changes occurring at United Sporting Companies which manages Ellett Brothers, Acusport, and Jerry’s Sport Center. Bradley Johnson, USC Chairman and CEO, had these words to share in their formal Press Release to alleviate any fears that they might be going bankrupt:

    I wanted to inform you that United Sporting Companies has decided effective April 30th, 2019 to cease operations of our Pittston, PA distribution facility. As we continue to look for ways to service your business as efficiently as possible, we have rationalized the Pittston, PA facility and will service your business out of Bellefontaine, Ohio and Chapin, SC.

    If the Pittston distribution center is your primary distribution center, you will be contacted by your sales person to inform you of your new primary warehouse. We will continue to service you and all our customers in the United States with our four remaining distribution centers in Bellefontaine, Ohio, Chapin, SC, Newberry, SC, and Salt Lake City, UT. United Sporting Companies with the largest sporting goods distribution network in the United States, remains ready to serve you and provide you with the broadest selection and best service in the industry, all at competitive prices.

    I want to thank you for continued support. United Sporting Companies commits to continue to serving you our customer as we grow our business together.

    For some of our readers out there who operate a firearm store, whether it is online or brick ‘n mortar, what do you think of this? Do you believe there is nothing to see here? Or is this a bad sign of worse things to come? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

    united sporting companies

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